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Online Or Private Piano Lessons - Piano Online Learning

Online Or Private Piano Lessons

Online Or Private Piano Lessons

Let’s get you informed regarding the choice between online or private piano lessons. In less than a generation, we saw the coming of the Internet on a worldwide scale. Because of this, the world has changed big time. We all have access from our home from the way we go shopping, work and the way we get our information. It all became very big but very accessible also. Sitting at our keyboards, we are connected by cables and wifi. So in order to learn to play an instrument like the piano you probably could do that online also. [indeed-social-media sm_list=’fb,tw,pt,li,whatsapp’ sm_template=’ism_template_1′ sm_list_align=’horizontal’ sm_display_counts=’false’ sm_display_full_name=’true’]

Many still hold on to the idea that getting piano lessons from a private teacher cannot be replaced by online lessons. They will even try to convince anyone who does not agree with that. But the easy way to learn to play the piano by ways of the internet is for many a ideal solution. That way they can schedule their lesson when it fits best in their daily life. No matter if they sit at home or while underway. As an example why should you ride a bicycle when a car can bring you faster to your destination. The difference is that a bicycle requires more afford.

There will be questions with the upcoming online piano tutorials, like if they are good enough to learn to play the piano. And a question like, can such a application get the maximum out of piano learning. And can you what most people hope reach the same level of piano play compared to lessons from an in-person piano teacher. In short the biggest question is what exactly are the positive and negative aspects regarding online piano lessons?

Lets look at some of the advantages of online learning. A very important aspect can be the cost. Online lessons of all kind are on the rise. High quality online programs that offer piano lessons will be offered more and more. A big plus with online learning is that it does not matter where you are at any moment. These programs can be accessed from any place in the world and a simple laptop can do the job.

The Basics Of Piano Lessons

When you want to start learning piano lessons, then you normally need too start learning the basics. One of the advantages of online piano lessons is that you can start right away even if you are a newbie. Most of the offered piano courses will accept students without a basic understanding of playing the piano. A extra nice thing is that you don’t have to show up for class at a certain time and place. You don’t have to since you are scheduling the lessons at your own pace and speed. You yourself decide how often and when you need, want or have time to study. Except for online group lessons you don’t need to attend specific piano classes.

Piano lessons through the Internet offer a new innovative way of teaching to be able to play the piano. These lessons offer so much extra then the traditional way of learning like video’s, animations and other tools. But it is not only sunshine regarding online lessons, there are like with all things always downsides. You need to understand that everyone has there own specific goal and learn at their own pace. That’s why online lessons only teach you one specific way. And it may well be that one course does not attract as well as the other. But all our courses do one thing, they teach you how to play the piano. So which one will suit your needs, there are enough lessons to choose from.

My Personal Advice

Whatever you decide, I strongly recommend that when you choose online piano lessons, and that those lessons are given by an experienced pianist. Online piano lessons are great especially for people that just start out learning to play the piano. There have been great improvements since online piano lessons became available on the Internet. The demand for online learning programs are on the increase just like other ways of education. But you should not forget that there are limitations and you need to have more determination and discipline than private lessons.

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One of the main reasons people choose online lessons is the cost aspect. We certainly know that lessons from a private teacher can be a big attack on your wallet. On the other hand online lessons give more value for your money because they are much cheaper. Besides being cheaper you will also save time and gas, because you don’t need to drive to the teacher’s house or school. In case you for having the private lessons at your own home then you have to pay the teacher extra for coming to your house.

Because you can do your lessons in your free time, online piano lessons offer therefore a big amount of flexibility. You can easily schedule the lessons your busy life. And whenever it is convenient you can watch video lessons on your android phone. This way you will never get bored following piano lessons. In order to further expand your knowledge regarding the piano, you will find numerous resources and materials on our website. You can even exchange tips and advice with other online students. There are always new pieces to practice and all the materials are updated on a regular basis.

Before You Get Started

After reading all the positive aspects of learning to play the piano, you probably want to start right away. But as with all things that are some drawbacks that you should not skip. The thing that there is no teacher to correct and evaluate your progress is a big disadvantage compared to online lessons. Your brain can only focus at a few things at one time, and there are many things to concentrate on while playing the piano. A real teacher can tell you how you actually sound when you are playing. How you actually sound could be quite different from how you think your piano play sounds. There is a saying that a drunk individual actually thinks he can sing.

Learn To Play Piano OnlineBecause of the communication with a real teacher he can come up with a suggestion to play piano pieces of music that he knows you like. This is not a possibility with online lessons since there is no teacher present. A in person piano teacher can check the fine movements needed to improve a good technique. In order to develop independent finger movement, weight and arm suspencion, tencion of muscles, you really need the critical eye of a private in-person teacher. But online piano lessons are nevertheless a nice way to start your piano career. We however offer private interactive online piano lessons that comes very close to a private lesson.

Online Piano Lessons Pros And Cons

At some point online tutorials can discourage you because of the lack of a personal touch. There is no one to correct your mistakes or to show you how to correctly place your fingers. Usually online lessons is a one way interaction with teaching videos. Many times the support will also be limited because you cannot ask questions instantly while playing. The thing that can really can slow down you progress, is that sometimes you need to wait for days to get an answer. Don’t misunderstand me, you can certainly be successful if you can live with the disadvantages. It’s completely in your own hands to choose online or private lessons. Just carefully investigate the pros and the cons of our piano courses.

It can be difficult to learn to play the piano on your own. On the other hand there are people like me that prefer to do it that way. The road to success when learning online piano lessons will have it’s ups and downs. It is up to you if you have the dedication to go for it. Online piano websites do not speak of the downside of online lessons. That is why we write articles like the one you are reading right now.


*Google is searched millions of times regarding online piano lessons.
*As a result you will find advanced and beginners courses, and many offer some lessons for free.
*Those online lessons are mostly more updated than the lessons you can buy in a store.
*The producers of these websites are piano players willing to share the best and easiest way to play the piano.
*Many of those websites offer a wide array of details and piano pieces to choose from.
*You are also able to choose your preferred music style like classic, rock jazz and so on.
*The nice thing compared to a real teacher is that can rewind the video lessons over and over.

*It includes help for the student to understand every pattern and rhythm.
*For the advanced students there is the possibility to learn to read chords and notes.
*And at the same time enjoy the freedom to search the websites directory for numerous resources.

*There are besides these advanced classes, thousands of patterns and tricks to be found on these websites.
*And for those in need there are online libraries packed with readily available resources.
*For the slow student there is also a possibility to recap their personal glossary.
*For those who are not yet able to read notes, there is the possibility to access the range of audio and video recordings.
*Chords and scales can now be learned with the touch of a mouse.
*Your time is yours only, choose whenever you want to play and learn.


*Learning to play the piano is a one way communication.
*You may need to wait long for a reply from your online tutor.
*You need more dedication and discipline.
*No one is correcting your mistakes if you are doing something wrong.
*And those mistakes can become a bad habit without you knowing it.


Is it acceptable to pay a lot of money for a private piano teacher or school or should you take cheap online classes? Again it depends on what you want and what your private situation is. Compare your situation with the disadvantages and the advantages and decide what is best for you. I’ve got some more pros and cons to get you a better understanding what kind of lessons you should choose.


*Because there is no need to travel you will save time.
*You’ve got the possibility to customize your own lessons.
*More flexibility to fit the lessons in your lifestyle and time.
*You can take a break whenever you need or like an proceed later on.

The disadvantages

*The most significant downside when have online lessons are distractions, such as television, kids, mobile phone, etc.
*A private teacher has a good tuned piano, and you may need to buy one.

Online piano lessons are offered by many websites. But how do you filter out the good from the bad ones. Some may offer free piano lessons, but these so-called FREE lessons are mostly just a lure to get you buy their products. Others may offer good E-books and they can be a way to step by step learn to master basic piano play. In case you just want learn to play the piano as a beginner without the guidance of a teacher, then these online lessons are fine. But I suggest that after you completed these online lessons that you proceed with a real in-person piano teacher.


There is the possibility to get piano lessons at the teacher’s house or studio. Here is a small list of pros and cons doing it that way.


The piano at the teachers home is obviously good and well tuned. You will hardly be disturbed at the teachers location. He will give you direct advice with regards to your progress, technique, etc.

The Downside

Lessons from a in-person are a very costly way of learning. You will still have to pay in case you do not show up, except if you inform the teacher on time. Then there is the aspect of travel, parking and gas expenses. Don’t forget the time you need to get there on time, not to think of any busy traffic underway. Since the time and date are fixed there will be no space for flexibility.

Private piano lessons are a good way to study your piano playing ability, but you still need to find a certified teacher. And they do not come cheap, so you better think twice if you can justify the expenses. Having private lessons do have some downsides for some more then others. Many young students do not like private lessons since it is too serous and there are no other kids around to compare there progress and feel bored. You can choose to have the lessons at your own home or the teachers place.

But I should warn you to better not have the teacher come to your place. Having the teacher coming to your house will only increase the cost. And the chance of distraction at your own home will also be much greater. Here are a couple of pros and cons. Lessons from a private tutor are expensive but normally very good. Don’t forget that the cost are reoccurring every week or whenever you want. So you better be absolutely sure you can and want to spend that money.


How To Play Chords On PianoOther than online or private lessons there is also the possibility of visiting a music school. Since piano lessons are popular there will certainly be piano classes with skilled piano teachers. They could even be teaching the much cheaper group piano classes. Beside the fact that the other students are at a equal level, group lessons also add much more fun in learning. Compared to lessons from a private teacher we saw that both adults and kids are progressing much faster in a group. This is probably caused by the competition between the students in order to keep up with each other. Group lessons also create more fun and it creates friendships between the students so they also practice more during the week.

The proven teaching system of music schools is controlled by the head of music and a principal teacher. Piano lessons from music schools are structured and organized, and are mostly tailored towards the examinations of the students. Piano lessons from a music school will keep you motivated for a long time, and is the best way to start your lessons. Compared to one to one lessons from a music school are also less than half the price.

Our Conclusion

So we can conclude that if you have enough time to spare and if you’re not bothered by distractions that private lessons at your home are a good way to study the piano. Private lessons at the teachers place are a bit better but the level of boredom is much higher. Much better are lessons from a music school they are cheaper and the level of motivation is the highest. We would advice you to just start with some online piano lessons they are good and cheap and you can always proceed with the other possibilities. For less than $50 you can already have a good high quality piano lessons and just as with all our online piano lessons they all come with a 60 days satisfaction guarantee.

I hope that these guidelines has some value for you, your friends or family members. And in case you need some other information or if the offered lessons on this website are not what you are looking for. Then please contact me on my contact page and I will send you all the info and a bigger list of other online piano courses.