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How long does it take to learn piano by ear with just 15 Minutes a Day? Well, the answer to how long does it take to play the piano is, it can be done in 30 days.

Yes, that is possible with one of our new innovations called private online piano lessons. Without any previous knowledge, you’ll be reading and playing music within seven days using our fast and easy how to play piano by ear course.

My name is John Frinking, and I’ve got a question to ask you….. Have you ever been at a party watching the person at the piano, surrounded by admiring friends and family and wished that were you?

So many of us think that if we’re adults, it’s too late…. too late to learn to read music, too late to play piano, too late to overcome the bad teaching we had in our childhood, etc. Well let me tell you, that’s just not true!

Lots of folks think that they’re not musical and that they’ll never be able to play the piano. Does this sound like you?

Remember when you were at school and there were some subjects you loved – weren’t they always the ones taught by teachers you liked best?

Piano is exactly the same – you can do it with the right teacher. With our easy-to-use playing piano by ear course, that teacher will be you!

Waiting for Years Regretting Missed Opportunities

Start learning how to play piano by ear online for free right now.  You’ve waited years to get started already – don’t regret anymore missed opportunities.!

How Long Does It Take To Learn Piano By EarImagine being able to impress friends and family with your newfound skills. Well, now you can and the best part is that it won’t take long at all. Within 7 days you’ll be reading music and within 30, you’ll be playing with both hands!

I’ve been teaching kids and adults how to play piano like professionals for over 25 years…and my techniques and tips can help you sound great, too!

My own piano teachers were among the world’s best and I want to share with you all the wonderful things I learned from them.


You can learn secrets in 60 days to playing that even most piano teachers don’t know!

As you progress with our lessons you’ll discover:

  • What separates the good pianists from the average ones
  • A simple technique to minimize errors in your playing
  • How to listen to your piano playing effectively – most musicians don’t do this
  • How to move your audience with your playing
  • What you should and shouldn’t do to avoid sounding like a rank amateur
  • The best method to ensure you don’t get nervous when you play for other people
  • Ways to track and increase your progress
  • Setting musical goals – most students don’t do this and it prevents them from achieving their best.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Piano By Ear

The theory behind the music, how much fun it is and why it will improve your piano learning by ear. Do this the way you like it the best and the way that will suit your needs. And when you enjoy this it also will not take long.

I was a bit hesitant but my reading skills grown amazingly

I have been learning piano using learn piano in 30 days and I love the results I’m getting. As a complete beginner, I was a bit hesitant at first, but my confidence and note- reading skills have grown amazingly. I can move at my own pace through the course and its great fun moving easily from one piece on to the next.

Jacinta C.T one deaf lady learns to play piano in 40 mins

I am tone deaf and cannot play music to save my life.  However, when Marianne put me through the paces, her unique training with her shortcut to piano lessons – allowed me to play ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ by ear in a matter of 40 minutes.  That was incredible!!

Complaining how difficult it was

Recently, a very advanced student came to me for piano lessons and she was complaining about how difficult it was to read new music. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard this and it hit me – lots of teachers never teach their students how to read music easily.

If this was a problem for a high – level student, then there would probably be lots of other people who felt just the same! And that’s when I came up with the idea of showing people how to read music and learn piano online.

Questions my pupils have asked me

Not being able to play is a problem I understand … you’re probably asking yourself the questions my pupils have asked me many times….

Best Online Piano ClassesHow do I learn to play piano chords by ear fast?

How can I possibly play a new song within days?

Why is it that other people seem to play effortlessly?

What chance do I have when everyone I know learned as a kid?

They’ve since discovered – as you will, too – that reading music and learning piano is easy when you’re shown the right way for you. With a bit of help, absolutely anyone can make how long does it take to learn piano by ear online…

… with as little as 15 minutes a day.

What you’ll get is a step-by-step guide to playing the piano. You will learn:

  • To read music easily within the first week of receiving your FREE lessons
  • To play with both hands by the end of your second week
  • How to play your favorite tunes in a shorter time than you’d believe possible
  • New skills that will impress your friends and family Music theory easily and why it improves your playing
  • To evaluate your progress like a pro
  • New songs and pieces quickly and with a minimum of effort
  • To practice effectively doing only 15 minutes a day
  • How to keep yourself motivated
  • How to show others to play piano

I wish that during my own first few years of studying piano, I had known the secrets you’re about to learn today. Instead, it took years of costly trial and error until I found some of the best teachers in the world to show me.

What It Would Have Cost Normally

If you were to go to as many lessons, do all the study and buy all the books I’ve bought over the years, it would normally easily cost over $50,000 just on cost alone.

And that’s why the easy-to-follow tips and techniques you’ll see in my music course would be a huge bargain at the price of $67 or even $49 …. just a tiny fraction of the costs I’ve incurred, apart from the years of effort and study.

But I’m offering you a solid musical foundation to fast-track you to successful piano playing. It’s not priced at $297 and not even at $197.  It’s a measly $9.97 for my Complete Beginners’ Course! That’s right – only $9.97. That’s less than going out for a decent meal at your favorite restaurant.

Piano Studio Near MeBy learning how long does it take to learning piano by ear online, you can study from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. You’ll easily and quickly learn piano with just a few minutes of lessons a day. You’ll save time and money and have fun doing it!

At social gatherings, you’ll be the life and soul of the party. Imagine being able to play Happy Birthday or Christmas carols for your loved ones or even hymns at your local church.

Clear and easy to follow

Because this method is so clear and easy to follow, you’ll be able to share the lessons with other members of your family and you’ll even be able to show your own kids how to play! I’ll be honest: I want you to fulfill those dreams you’ve had for so long.

Here’s something else you should know about me… I’m a great believer in the idea that we could use more music and family time in our busy lives. I want you to take the time out to enjoy yourself more and give yourself the gift of music.

And in the spirit of gift – giving, remember that you will receive 20 free piano lessons online to get your musical journey started!

Now, this may sound a bit weird, especially after what you’ve just been offered,  but I don’t believe in giving away lots for free. Let me explain.

There’s so much free stuff both online and offline these days, that we just take it for granted. I’ll bet you’re just like me and that you tell yourself, if it’s free, it can’t be that good.  Does that sound familiar?

When you feel that something has value for you, you’re usually willing to pay an appropriate amount for it, right? It’s like an investment.

If you are really serious about wanting to learn to play piano chords by ear. Then you OWE it to yourself to invest in your dream. You could spend thousands of dollars a year on lessons, but it’s only going to cost you the tiny amount of $9.97 for my Complete Beginners’ Course.

You’ll Learn A Lot With Your Free Lessons – I Guarantee It

Why You Should Learn To Play PianoIf you want to continue your musical learning journey and advance beyond the free beginner lessons. You will want to get my Complete Guaranteed Beginners’ Course, today!

And to sweeten the deal, I’m going to throw in a great bonus. It’s my report on how to make learning piano great fun for your kids. This will be emailed to you shortly. This is worth $49.00 not counting the joy it will give you and your family.

My second fantastic bonus which I’m preparing just for the next 300 people who sign up is a surprise bonus which will bring you and your family endless pleasure – but you’ll have to wait a little while for that one. This is worth $97.00 and you’re sure to love it.

Just to recap, for the next 300 people who sign up to our course, you’ll get:

  • A special report on how to make learning fun for your kids at $49.00
  • A secret surprise bonus which normally sells for $97.00
  • That’s a total of $146 worth of bonuses FREE, just for signing up

Two Months Playing Piano By Ear Trial

Take a full 2 months to try out our learn to play piano by ear product – that’s 60 days! If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with our course then we guarantee to give you a 100% refund of your money, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. And the bonuses are yours to keep! Get started with your first lesson in the next five minutes…

The choice is yours: You can get started immediately or waste more years thinking, If only…..

But if you’re serious about learning piano fast, then you really only have one choice.

… the longer you wait, the less likely you’ll be to do anything about this. After all, you’ve waited all this time to learn piano.

Happy playing!

What every piano student should know about how long does it take to learn piano by ear successfully.