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How Hard Is It To Learn Piano - Piano Online Learning

How Hard Is It To Learn Piano

How Hard Is It To Learn Piano

In this article, we like to explain how hard is it to learn piano. When you learn how to play the piano, you are changing your life in a way that can only be understood if you experience it for yourself. You can touch souls in ways that you have only dreamed of. Step into the minds of a great composer by playing a song the way he intended. You can entertain older generations with music from their past and excite children with the educational music of today. [indeed-social-media sm_list=’fb,tw,pt,li,whatsapp’ sm_template=’ism_template_1′ sm_list_align=’horizontal’ sm_display_counts=’false’ sm_display_full_name=’true’]

Is playing the piano difficult?

To answer this question correctly, it is necessary to make a premise: every human activity has its own particular difficulties, which, however, are potentially always surmountable.

In truth, nothing in the world is easy or difficult in the absolute sense: it is more correct to say that in the relative sense there are activities that we can perform more easily than others, but this varies from individual to individual.

Remember that, as for everything, it takes constant commitment and self-denial, otherwise the results never arrive, or arrive very late.

In any case, the basis of everything is passion, which consists in a strong motivation, in an uncontrollable stimulus that in music (and in art in general) is a real need to express themselves through sound, speech, color.

Difficulties can be overcome with certain devices that, if applied, can allow us to reach our short-term goals more quickly.

We can therefore answer our question in this way: learning and playing the piano is difficult if:

  • you are not willing to follow the best advice and directions to overcome the difficulties
  • there is no predisposition to learning an art that is both manual and intellectual
  • you are not patient in dealing with the study in a constant manner and with due commitment
  • there is no strong motivation upstream


Playing the piano is difficult especially if you want to reach certain levels, but if we feel overwhelmed by a passion, these difficulties are overcome from time to time. In fact, in a learning process like this, we feel satisfied every time we notice our progress: the amazement grows because, perhaps, we did not believe to be in possession of certain resources.

It’s all about the mental attitude: the more we are convinced that we will be able to reach the goal, the more our dream of playing the piano will come true.

Do you still have doubts? In this other article I explain how to learn with Piano Lessons Online in a simple, fast, cheap and accessible to all, from the boy of 10 years to get to those who are a veteran age …!

You can travel the planet by visiting the music of any location in the world. Have fun introducing your children to the music of your family heritage from generations long past. But this is just the beginnings of the journey when you learn how to play the piano. How long has it been since you have listened to the songs your grandmother played for you as a child? And how about some of the old rock tunes from the 1970’s? Not to forget how long has it really been?

There are a lot of us adults out there that took piano lessons when we were children and we lost interest. I am one of those kids. I found my interest as an adult and started learning again. As an adult, I found a new appreciation for the beauty of the piano.

Piano Playing Is Fun

In my day and age the local piano player was usually an older lady who taught songs that nobody really wanted to play. The teaching styles were often dry and oh so boring. The antiquated key exercises were about as much fun as sticking your tongue to a frozen light pole. Ouch, that brings back memories as well! Well, it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. Piano playing is fun!

The electronic keyboards are capable of doing things that your old piano teacher couldn’t have ever imagined. You can recreate many instruments from these keyboards. Run your keyboard through a multi-track recorder and you can be the entire band! This is just part of the reason that learning to play the piano is more fun than ever.

How Hard Is It To Learn PianoThere are quite a few ways to take piano lessons nowadays. You can still use a conventional piano instructor, but there is still the sometimes difficult task of keeping appointments and traveling to the lessons. You also have to screen the teachers to make sure you find the right person. Many folks choose to learn from a home study course instead. That was the option I chose as I was able to learn at my own pace and schedule. The course I chose offered personal support from a special place on their website for students to ask questions.

When you decide that the time is right for you or your children to take lessons, I suggest at least investigating the online home study courses. My family and I have enjoyed learning from one ourselves and I highly recommend the course we purchased.

How Hard Is It To Learn Piano Online

In less time than a generation to grow up, we could see the internet entering our world in a gigantic way. We can witness an ever-growing change in the world we live in right now. For example, we shop, work and get all our information with the help of this medium. It is at the same time easy to access but also very big. The world is now connected by wifi and cables. Some piano teachers came up with the idea to record their piano lessons and to upload them to the internet.

Many individuals reject the idea of replacing a real piano teacher with online lessons. And even go as far as to convince everyone from thinking otherwise. But the possibility to learn to play the piano through the Internet is welcomed by many. Studying the piano lessons is now possible whenever they like no matter the time of day. It offers total freedom no matter if sitting at home or traveling. For example why ride a bicycle when you also can drive a car. The car will get you faster to where you want to be. Both will get you there but the bicycle asks for a bit more energy.

What also could be asked is, do online piano lessons provide a good method to learn to play the piano. One of the most asked questions is, do online piano lessons enable you to reach a high degree of piano playing. A thing that many hope for is, can online piano lessons be compared to the quality level of piano lessons from a private teacher. That’ll get us to the question are there any distinct negative as well as positive points to think of?

Comparing The Pros And Cons

In case you cannot make up your mind what kind of piano lessons you should follow then please take a look at the following positive aspects regarding, online piano classes. We can most certainly tell you with the most confidence that the cheapest piano lessons are the ones given through the Internet. When you go and search for online piano lessons on Google then you will be surprised how many high-quality piano courses there are offered. You can even study the piano when you are underway or when you are sitting in your own house. With online piano lessons, you only need to have an Internet connection and a laptop or android phone. Time and place are not important using the online teaching method because you will always have access to the lessons.

Educate Yourself To Get A Primary Mindset Of Piano Play

Prior to taking piano classes, you should at least get some basic piano playing information. Even a beginner can start straight away with online piano courses. Since most online courses will accept students without a basic knowledge regarding piano playing. You don’t have to be afraid that you will be too late for your appointment is also a nice factor when starting online piano courses. Because now you are able to decide when it is time to study the piano lessons. Online piano lessons given to groups do however not include those positive aspects.

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For you to be able to play the piano there is a new innovative method with the help of the Internet. When comparing traditional piano lessons to online lessons, the difference is that online piano courses offer a much wider range of learning methods. You should, however, take some time reading a few unfavorable elements before you think let’s buy an online piano course.

One person has a completely different idea of what level of piano playing they want to reach compared to another person. So keep in mind that online piano lessons do not respect individual goals since they have only one specific way of teaching. It will therefore not come as a big surprise that not all online piano courses are liked equally. Be assured that when you purchase an online piano course that they will do what they promise and teach you to play the piano. In order to satisfy your specific needs, we made it hopefully easy enough for you to choose one of the several online piano courses on our website.

Be Careful What You Choose

How To Learn To Play PianoShould you decide to purchase an online piano lesson and be careful that you only get one that is offered by a piano teacher with experience. We can say with confidence that online piano lessons are a very good method especially for people who are just starting out. Since online piano lessons entered our world there have been significant developments. We can see that the amount of online methods of teaching is growing every year. But the level of motivation and discipline needed compared to the classical way of teaching the piano is much higher.

Online piano lessons are much more affordable than private lessons and that is the reason why people preferred them. We certainly know that lessons from a private teacher can be a big attack on your wallet. Online lessons give more value for your money because they are much cheaper. Apart from the cheaper price of the lessons, you will notice that there is no need to travel and therefore can save a lot of time and gas. When you choose to have private lessons in your own house then you will probably have to pay the teacher for his traveling to your house.

Online piano lessons offer a large amount of flexibility since you can do them in your spare time. These kind of online teachings are extremely helpful if you have a busy life. And whenever it is convenient you can watch video lessons on your android phone.

Don’t get Bored With Online Lessons

The risk of getting bored is also much less doing it that way. We’ve added a big amount of extra materials and resources to expand your understanding in regards to the piano even further. After you sign up for one of our piano courses you also will be able to exchange experiences with other online students. There are always new pieces to practice and all the materials are updated on a regular basis.

You will probably think after reading all the positive sides, why not start now with one of the online courses. But as with all things, there are some drawbacks that you should not skip. One downside compared to private lessons could be that there is no one that keeps an eye on you and will monitor your progress. You can easily miss some important stuff among the many things you have to concentrate on and your brain can only focus on one thing. The way you really sound when you are playing the piano can be quite different from the way that you think you play. How you actually sound could be quite different from how you think your piano play sounds. The expression that people who are very drunk think that they are the best singers in the world is a well-known saying.

A private piano teacher should already know what your favorite music is and can, therefore, suggest what kind of piano pieces you should play. That particular personal touch is not available if you choose for online piano classes.

Learning The Advanced Techniques

Piano Learning Made Easy And AffordableThere’s also the fact that in order to develop a good technique there is no private teacher to help you with that. You absolutely need a private teacher that helps you to develop specific techniques like arm suspension, finger placement and muscle tension. But online piano lessons are nevertheless a nice way to start your piano career. We do having said that also offer a similar thing to private lessons and those are private online piano courses.

For many, there is really the need for a private piano teacher because they would be easily discouraged without one. There is no one to correct your mistakes or to show you how to correctly place your fingers. In many cases, online piano lessons communicate in one direction. Many times the support will also be limited because you cannot ask questions instantly while playing.

The thing that can really slow down your progress, is that sometimes you need to wait for days to get an answer. Don’t misunderstand me, you can certainly be successful if you can live with the disadvantages. It is of course totally in your own hands whether you decide to take online or private piano lessons. In order to decide what kind of piano lessons you want to choose, you just have to compare the negative to the positive factors.