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Easy Piano Songs That Sound Complicated - Piano Online Learning

Easy Piano Songs That Sound Complicated

Easy piano songs that sound complicated on this page allow you to play the first song on the piano within minutes. This is not a miracle, but the clever selection of simple songs for beginners makes it possible. Here you’ll find many easily arranged songs for piano and helpful apps as well as classical music books – for your first beautiful piano pieces.

How to find easy piano songs that sound complicated?

The range of easy piano sheet songs is so large that you won’t be able to see the forest for the trees. First, of course, every beginner looks for the songs he likes to hear himself. But these are usually complicated to play. Of course you can try it, but always make sure that you don’t overtax yourself so that your motivation is maintained.

Easy Piano Songs That Sound Complicated

It’s smartest to start with simple piano songs that you can play after a few repetitions. This motivates you immensely and trains your fingers for the next challenges.

Especially as a beginner you need a how to play the piano easy kick to keep you going. Too complicated and also boring songs rather lead to the initial euphoria saying goodbye and you might even stop playing altogether.

Don’t demand too much

Unfortunately this happens very often when you have a piano teacher who demands too much. Instead of a piano virtuoso, you become a piano muffle. Even though you really wanted to learn this complicated instrument in the beginning.

Fun practicing and playing is incredibly important and is sometimes neglected by false ambition on the part of teachers or students.

Classical pieces are always good for learning and as easy finger exercises. Maybe you are a classical fan yourself, then you have the choice from a huge pool of piano pieces to start with. We have added some must-haves to the list.

There are also some Boogie-Woogie / Ragtime piano pieces. They have a great groove, cool harmonies and are also absolute classics in piano lessons, which should cover several styles.

Beautiful simple piano songs for a quick start.

For a quick start on your new instrument, we’ve selected a list of beautiful simple modern songs that you’re probably already familiar with. So you know how to make them sound and you can correct mistakes yourself.

In addition, there are some rock and pop songs that are generally very popular and that are best added to your repertoire. Because of course it would be cool, if you could play songs, which the guests know and love, directly from the improvisation at parties and parties at the piano or keyboard.

First easy piano songs that sounds hard

Songs for piano that sound hard but are easy songs like “Only If” by Enya are suitable for playing melodies. Here you have the first beautiful, simple melody and a still quite simple bass line to it. If you already know it, “I am sailing” by Rod Stewart would be a good choice, provided you like the song. Here the right hand must grasp also times.

The bass line is especially complicated for most people when playing the piano. If you play the “Song Stand by me” by Ben E. King, you train the left hand more, because the bass is very important and formative here.

Tip: As a beginner, you first take on pieces in 4/4 time. If you master them, you can climb a nice new hurdle with “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. The piece was written in 6/4 time, which is not too complicated, but still a challenge for beginners.

Modern piano sheet songs for rock/pop classics free on the web

Modern sheet songs for piano and rock/pop classics:

  • Game of Thrones – Ramin Djawadi.
  • Someone like you – Adele.
  • Despacito – Luis Fonsi.
  • Lay me down – George Shomali.
  • Shallow, a star is born – Lady Gaga.
  • You’ve got a friend – Megan Harper.
  • Hit the road Jack – Ray Charles.
  • Piano Man – Billy Joel.
  • Lord of the rings – Howard Shore.
  • Hello – Lionel Richie.
  • Love of my Life – Queen.
  • Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen.
  • Dancing Queen – Abba.
  • Nothing else matters – Metallica.
  • My heart will go on – Celine Dion.
  • I just call to say – Stevie Wonder.
  • Lost in Japan – Shawn Mendes.
  • Imagine – John Lennon.
  • My Way – Frank Sinatra.
  • Sound of Silence – Simon & Garfunkel.
  • Let it be – The Beatles.
  • Over the rainbow – Judy Garland.
  • Your Song – Elton John.

You can find some of the piano songs that sound hard but are easy sheet music on the following websites: OpenMusicSchool / MuseScore.

Simple piano boogie-woogie songs for piano:

  • Maple Leaf Rag – Scott Joplin.
  • The Entertainer – Scott Joplin.
  • Speed Sail Boogie – The Red Key Makers.
  • You can find piano notes on Noviscore.

Classical piano songs for beginners:

  • Ave Maria – Franz Schubert.
  • Pour Elise – Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • A little night music – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  • Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake.
  • Song without words – Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.
  • Rondo in C major – Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • Impertinence – Georg Friedrich Händel.

You can find the easy piano songs that sound hard notes for this here on the one hand and on the other hand at Oktav.

Learn simple piano songs online – is that possible?

Of course it is possible to learn online songs for the piano!

For the most popular instruments like piano and guitar there is a lot of free learning and practice material available on the web. This makes it easy for you to get started and try out a little taster course. If you have decided to stay tuned, there are many ways online to replace or supplement a real face-to-face lesson.

Video tutorials with simple piano pieces are very helpful to learn the first beautiful songs. We recommend that you try the following videos directly.

“River flows in you” by Yiruma .

“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran .

Of course there are also paid online courses, apps and learning software for learning piano, electric piano or keyboard. Check for yourself if you would rather learn this way or if you would like to have a personal teacher. Both easy piano songs that sound hard have their advantages and disadvantages.

A teacher can take care of the correct position of your fingers and back when playing the piano. He also hears small mistakes directly. The teacher can motivate you well and choose with his wealth of experience how he promotes you in particular.

But it can also happen the other way round. A bad teacher can ruin a lot and take away your motivation.

Tips for learning simple piano songs quickly

Regular, preferably daily practice is ideal. Every second day a quarter of an hour is still better than long practice sessions on only 1-2 days a week. So learn simple piano pieces in the beginning as long as you feel like it. A little tip: Already 10 minutes a day will get you ahead quickly.

Play something easy for others from time to time to check your progress. Also online. You can measure your progress in forums and groups by posting cell phone videos of your piano playing.

Easy piano songs to learn: The blacker the sheet, the harder the piece.

Learn notes & chords

Learning notes & chords makes it easy for you to quickly play all your favorite pieces. Of course you can also try to start by ear or memorize the key sequence via online courses and apps. But this is basically so exhausting, also for the brain, that the motivation quickly fades away. There is good material for learning music. You start with very easy sequences and soon you can also read more complex notes.

Criteria do you choose the piano songs for beginners?

The complicated thing about playing the piano pieces for beginners is the coordination of the two hands. Each hand plays its own melody, tone sequence and rhythm. You don’t have that with any other instrument. The right hand always plays the main melody, while the left hand presses the chords or plays a bass line.

To avoid being frustrated and overwhelmed as a beginner, you should choose easy piano songs that sound complicated. From experience we take the one with a simple melody for the right hand and where the left hand is not too much challenged. Pieces with not too many chords and simple bass lines are best. Later it may become more complicated.

Rhythm pitfalls

Rhythm can also have less easy pitfalls. Complicated rhythms are absolutely unsuitable for beginners who are still looking for the individual notes on the keyboard. Leave out difficult pieces that have triplets and too many rhythmic changes. You’ll quickly recognize a simple note pattern and see that once there are many sixteenth notes, punctuation’s and pauses, these songs are not suitable for beginners.

Melody & Harmony

Also the notes of the melodies should be relatively in harmony. You can see from the note image whether the distance between the notes is quite large and whether there are often jumps. This is still too complicated for the beginning, because you have to look on the keyboard where the notes are.

First play pieces with not too many signs, so b and # – you will find them noted at the beginning of the song at the beat. This can’t be avoided completely, but two of them are often already too complicated.

Popular apps including simple piano songs that sound complicated songs:

  • Flowkey.
  • Skoove.

Sheet music with learn to play easy piano songs that sound complicated.

Wish melodies (by Anne Terzibaschitsch).

Over 100 well-known themes and melodies arranged for piano. Light to medium melodies. The left hand is not too complicated to play.

Piano Piano Classic

The 100 most beautiful classical melodies for piano – easily arranged with popular and beautiful melodies and simple piano songs: Baroque, Viennese Classicism, Romanticism and the 20th century. Light piano arrangements. All melodies as a learning aid for practicing listening on the enclosed 2 CDs.

Top Charts Gold. The singing and playing book with 2 CDs.

Essential collection of the 40 best pop songs of recent years. All top charts gold songs playable well, easy to moderately complicated. Piano arrangement and for keyboard players, guitarists and singers a melody voice with chords, complete text, sound suggestions, rhythm indications and tempo indications. With playback to sing along and play along piano songs easy but sound hard.