How To Use Piano Tuning Lever

How To Use Piano Tuning Lever In this article, we will deal with a subject of vital importance for piano tuning. Which is the technique of using the tuning keys? The tuning key is the essential tool used to tune pianos and used in the tuning pegs. What this tool allows us to do is vary

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Is Your Piano Tuner Any Good

Is Your Piano Tuner Any Good Sometimes after their piano tuner tunes the piano, it does not satisfy many piano teachers and pianists . Although after the tuning the piano sounds better than before the tuning, the result does not convince them and. Although they usually accept the result of the work, it leaves them with

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Different Keystrokes in Piano Tuning

Different Keystrokes In Piano Tuning This article deals with a subject of great importance to get an adequate stability in piano tuning. In principle, to clarify questions on this subject. And it is necessary to explain what are the friction points through which the piano string passes. Friction points of a piano string The place

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How Is The Piano’s Head-Stock?

How Is The Piano Headstock? In today’s article, we will analyze something very important for the repair of pianos. It is the anatomy of the piano headstock because of the consultation referred by a piano teacher. This is a piece about which we know little or we have erroneous knowledge and we do not know

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How Is The Piano Sound Generated

How Is The Piano Sound Generated In today's article, we will briefly analyze how piano sound is generated and amplified. That is to say how is the whole process how in a grand piano it vibrates a string. And how that vibration transmits and amplified to the harmonic table. That is precisely in charge of amplifying

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Tips for Piano Tuning Stability

Tips for Piano Tuning Stability In this article we are going to deal with a subject called stability in piano tuning. This concept refers to  how stable the piano tuning is after you or the piano tuner has made it. How long the piano tuning remains stable without major modifications. One of the most common

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Is The Piano An In-Harmonic Instrument

Is The Piano An In-Harmonic Instrument Responding to the question with which we title this article, we will begin by affirming that. In effect, the piano is an inharmonious instrument. This idea may surprise and even scandalize many pianists and piano music lovers. Who, in general, have not studied in depth the causes of this

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A Debate On The Tuning Of Musical Instruments

A Debate On The Tuning Of Musical Instruments The subject of this article has been generating much debate in recent years. It's about the pitch pattern according to which musical instruments are tuned. This standard tone was established by an ISO standard in 1953 and is 440 Hertz. For, in the case of the piano,

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