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Digital Grand Piano

Digital Grand Piano I started playing the piano back in 1995; my first digital piano was a Casio 49 key keyboard.  It served its purpose until my skill level increased; then I received a larger 64 key Casio digital piano a couple years later.   Both were high quality keyboards but to really grow, a pianist

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Buy A Piano A Practical Guide

Buy A Piano A Practical Guide To buy a piano or not to buy a piano, that is the question. Are you thinking of making that big purchase? Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed and wondering where to start. There is certainly a lot to consider. The majority of people would agree that buying a piano

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Shopping Guide For Piano Keyboards

Shopping Guide For Piano Keyboards The electronic music keyboard has become the most widely used and critical piece of musical equipment all over the world. There are various types keyboards available for purchase with distinct functionality and functions. All of these music keyboards exist under their own categories. For instance MIDI controllers, digital pianos, arrangers,

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Casio Digital Piano Reviews

Casio Digital Piano Reviews I’ve put together some Casio digital piano reviews on this site, doing the legwork and research.  You can read them by clicking the links on the right sidebar or in the chart below.  I’ll give you info on each model so you’ll know which one is best suited for you. With

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Digital Piano Keyboard Reviews

Digital Piano Keyboard Reviews Before you buy a keyboard piano, you need to first narrow down exactly the type of piano you want.  If you’re just starting out, you may want something more entry-level.  If you’ve progressed a bit and are ready to upgrade, something more mid-tier may be in your wheelhouse. Or if you’re

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Buying A Piano

Why Should I Buy A Pre-Owned Piano? There is incredible value in many pre-owned pianos. During the late 19th and 20th centuries, American built pianos were crafted using the finest woods, no longer available today and by craftsmen who immigrated from Europe who knew how to build only the finest instruments. A rebuilt vintage piano

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