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Is The Piano An In-Harmonic Instrument

Is The Piano An In-Harmonic Instrument Responding to the question with which we title this article, we will begin by affirming that. In effect, the piano is an inharmonious instrument. This idea may surprise and even scandalize many pianists and piano music lovers. Who, in general, have not studied in depth the causes of this

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Ondas Martenot Piano

Ondas Martenot A Very Particular Piano The Ondas Martenot piano is an electronic keyboard instrument designed and built by the cellist of the same name. The Frenchman Maurice Martenot (Paris 1898-Clichy 1980) began his musical education at an early age. Giving his first cello concert at the age of nine accompanied by his sister Ginette.

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Blues And Boogie Woogie Piano

Piano Blues And Boogie-Woogie Blues is a style of American music that emerged in the early 20th century. And served as the basis for modern styles such as rhythm-and-blues and rock-and-roll. The blues also maintained a strong correlation with other musical styles such as gospel, country and jazz. Many blues singers learned to sing in

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The Revolutionary Kawai Mechanism

The Revolutionary Kawai Mechanism The mechanism that revolutionized piano making... Since its invention by Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco in the 18th century. The piano, both in its tail and in its closet. It has undergone several developments that have ensured more precise and refined mechanics. More complex and comprehensive sound and more robust and lasting

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The New Daniel Barenboim Piano

The New Daniel Barenboim Piano The piano is that instrument that is subject to change over time. He suffers transformations, he finds himself in a perpetual metamorphosis. Conjured up by musicians so brave and brilliant that they have dared to modify his nature. One of these great musicians is Daniel Barenboim. Who on May 26th of

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How To Get A Free Piano

How To Get A Free Piano Free piano? Pick up a piano for free is an attractive offer, but is it as attractive as expected? In most cases not. If you type "free piano" on ebay or any other advertising website, a number of pianos will appear that can be picked up for free. The

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Franz Liszt Biography

Franz Liszt Biography When remembering great composers, there are several names that stand out, such as Bach, Chopin, Beethoven and many others. Quoting the great pianists, one of them is considered to be the greatest of all time. Liszt was born in the village of Raiding, in Doborján, region of Hungary, on October 22, 1811.

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A Debate On The Tuning Of Musical Instruments

A Debate On The Tuning Of Musical Instruments The subject of this article has been generating much debate in recent years. It's about the pitch pattern according to which musical instruments are tuned. This standard tone was established by an ISO standard in 1953 and is 440 Hertz. For, in the case of the piano,

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Piano Teachers In Singapore

Piano Teachers In Singapore Good piano teachers in Singapore are great professional music teachers with a variety of training, extensive music experience background and have achieved the highest skill level. They can be certified or non-certified. Our teachers either have had formal training, from a school designated for musical training, or had training from a

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Brief Piano History Information

Brief Piano History Information Sunset in the sky never always comes with disappointment of shadow and darkness; instead, it also brings a new color of shadow in which moon brightens and stars shine. Same is the thing that happens with our life, where the later phase is not always monotonous. But also sometimes flourishes the

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