How To Repair A Piano String

How To Repair A Piano String In today's article, we will talk about piano strings, how they are, what their characteristics are and what particularities they have. This turns out to be an introductory topic in the knowledge of this instrument that can help music lovers, teachers, and piano technicians. In principle, contemporary pianos, both vertical and

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How To Use Piano Tuning Lever

How To Use Piano Tuning Lever In this article, we will deal with a subject of vital importance for piano tuning. Which is the technique of using the tuning keys? The tuning key is the essential tool used to tune pianos and used in the tuning pegs. What this tool allows us to do is vary

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Different Keystrokes in Piano Tuning

Different Keystrokes In Piano Tuning This article deals with a subject of great importance to get an adequate stability in piano tuning. In principle, to clarify questions on this subject. And it is necessary to explain what are the friction points through which the piano string passes. Friction points of a piano string The place

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How Is The Piano’s Head-Stock?

How Is The Piano Headstock? In today’s article, we will analyze something very important for the repair of pianos. It is the anatomy of the piano headstock because of the consultation referred by a piano teacher. This is a piece about which we know little or we have erroneous knowledge and we do not know

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