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Guidelines to Study Piano on Your Own

Guidelines to Study Piano on Your Own Music is a great passion of yours and would you like to approach this world? In this article we will provide you with a mini guide to help you take your first steps in this world. First of all, know that it is not impossible to study self-taught

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How To Repair A Piano String

How To Repair A Piano String In today's article, we will talk about piano strings, how they are, what their characteristics are and what particularities they have. This turns out to be an introductory topic in the knowledge of this instrument that can help music lovers, teachers, and piano technicians. In principle, contemporary pianos, both vertical and

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Exploring The Sound Of The Piano

Exploring The Sound Of The Piano The piano is an instrument extremely rich in sound. Developed over centuries with improving the mechanism and the use of noble materials adapted to use. The piano became much more than its predecessors could inspire. In this search to innovate the instrument, many manufacturers worked assisted - or inspired - by

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All You Need To Know About Piano

All You Need To Know About Piano In the last article, we saw the differences between acoustic and digital pianos. Now we'll talk about pianos and the piano course at Piano Online Learning Music. The piano is a string musical instrument, by the Hornbostel-Sachs classification system. To produce the sound, we use wood. And covered

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The Pianist’s Posture

The Pianist's Posture A musicians profession without a doubt, is an activity of high performance. In the intellectual, physical and psychic aspects: the pressure, tension and stress of rehearsals, the daily practice, the analysis of musical structures. The activity of shows and concerts, and the irregular hours of meals and sleep, take this professional to

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How do I know if I have Absolute Hearing?

How do I know if I have Absolute Hearing? In this article we will deal with the subject of the absolute ear; this subject, which is of interest both to piano teachers and to piano tuners and music lovers alike, is, however, known with little precision. The purpose of this article is then to clarify

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Piano Movies You Should Watch

Piano Movies You Should Watch Recently we learned to improvise in music in a more natural way. Now we'll see which musical instruments are best suited for children. How about starting the week with the coolest piano movies of all time? We've prepared a selection of great hits for you to remember or review and

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Is The Piano An In-Harmonic Instrument

Is The Piano An In-Harmonic Instrument Responding to the question with which we title this article, we will begin by affirming that. In effect, the piano is an inharmonious instrument. This idea may surprise and even scandalize many pianists and piano music lovers. Who, in general, have not studied in depth the causes of this

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Ondas Martenot Piano

Ondas Martenot A Very Particular Piano The Ondas Martenot piano is an electronic keyboard instrument designed and built by the cellist of the same name. The Frenchman Maurice Martenot (Paris 1898-Clichy 1980) began his musical education at an early age. Giving his first cello concert at the age of nine accompanied by his sister Ginette.

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Blues And Boogie Woogie Piano

Piano Blues And Boogie-Woogie Blues is a style of American music that emerged in the early 20th century. And served as the basis for modern styles such as rhythm-and-blues and rock-and-roll. The blues also maintained a strong correlation with other musical styles such as gospel, country and jazz. Many blues singers learned to sing in

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