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A Debate On The Tuning Of Musical Instruments

A Debate On The Tuning Of Musical Instruments The subject of this article has been generating much debate in recent years. It's about the pitch pattern according to which musical instruments are tuned. This standard tone was established by an ISO standard in 1953 and is 440 Hertz. For, in the case of the piano,

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Brief Piano History Information

Brief Piano History Information Sunset in the sky never always comes with disappointment of shadow and darkness; instead, it also brings a new color of shadow in which moon brightens and stars shine. Same is the thing that happens with our life, where the later phase is not always monotonous. But also sometimes flourishes the

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Digital Grand Piano

Digital Grand Piano I started playing the piano back in 1995; my first digital piano was a Casio 49 key keyboard.  It served its purpose until my skill level increased; then I received a larger 64 key Casio digital piano a couple years later.   Both were high quality keyboards but to really grow, a pianist

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Low Budget Digital Piano

Low Budget Digital Piano My niece asked me the other day if I would like to help her find a digital piano to buy. “Sure”, I said. “How much do you want to spend??”. This is usually the first question I ask if someone wants my help recommending something. You see, there are many different

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Sergei Rachmaninoff Composer and Pianist

Sergei Rachmaninoff Composer and Pianist A look into the life and music of Rachmaninoff, the composer and pianist. In the streamlined music world of the twentieth century, Sergei Rachmaninoff represents a phenomenon unlikely to be repeated. He was born in 1873, and although his stylistic roots were firmly anchored in the milieu of the Romantic

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Piano Maintenance And Tuning Tips

Piano Maintenance And Tuning Tips Piano’s are expensive items, so it is important that you know how to take care of it. Pianos add glamour to any home. The sound that it gives provides pleasure for any person listening to its tune. A piano that goes out of tune usually indicates that it is not

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How To Choose The Right Piano For You

How To Choose The Right Piano For You The first piano to come into your home is a big deal. Whether one or all of your children are playing or just the parents, a family piano will be looking at a lot of use over the years, so it`s important to choose the right one.

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