Best Way To Learn Piano

I’m 27 years old and started the best way to learn piano just three weeks ago. I know plenty of people would tell me that I can only get so good because I didn’t learn from an early age and perhaps they’re right. When it comes to learning piano as an adult, it’s fair to say that time isn’t on your side. 

However, I have little doubt in my mind that I can become an accomplished pianist if I remain as enthusiastic as I have been so far and apply myself to my practice in an efficient manner. In fact, I think that there are a few reasons as to why being an adult learner can benefit you. In this post I want to put forward my arguments along those lines based on my own experience in learning instruments as a child compared to now.

You Better Understand the Learning Process

When it comes to meeting my goals in life I try to view everything as a process.

If there is one thing I have learned in life recently it is that you can break almost anything down into a process, regardless of how complicated it is. I know that if I practice effectively and remain focused I will eventually become a good pianist (perhaps even a great one). It is my application and dedication in learning piano as an adult that will have the biggest impact on my skill level not my age or my inherent ability.

Best Way To Learn PianoBecause I understand this I feel extremely motivated. I can set goals and work towards them. Many children simply have not yet developed such a mindset. I know when I was a kid I didn’t really understand the fact that a time investment would inevitably give me the reward of being a talented musician. I was just doing it because I was encouraged to.

You’re Doing It Because You Want To

Speaking of which, many children are strongly encouraged into playing musical instruments often against their will.

However, as an adult student you are choosing the best way to learn piano because you want to and for no other reason. This puts us in an extremely strong position because you cannot emulate enthusiasm. It brings something to the table that sheer determination and discipline cannot match.

You Have a More Analytical Mind

I know that I practice piano at this stage far more effectively than the recorder when I was 6, the flute when I was 10 and the guitar when I was 16. Learning piano as an adult is a far more efficient process than it ever was for any other musical instrument that I turned my hand to.

My reasoning as to why is quite simple: I’m more mature. I have a more analytical mind and am far more curious to discover how to practice efficiently and progress as quickly as possible. My guitar playing stagnated after 2-3 years because I didn’t have any goals and did nothing more than learn more songs that were of equal difficulty to what I already knew. I’m not going to make the same mistake now.

You’re More Disciplined

I don’t know about you but as a kid I had no patience for learning an instrument.

Although I enjoyed playing I never really had any discipline most likely because I could not clearly picture the time investment leads to reward_ pattern that is so inherent in learning. These days I know that if I sit down at the piano for 15 minutes I will walk away slightly better than I was before. I understand that even when I’m not practicing my skill is improving passively as my brain makes sense of the work I was doing.

This is not something I appreciated as a child and it serves as a huge motivator.

Exceptions to the Above Rules

I would like to make something clear before I wrap up, I am not speaking for all adults (nor against all children) in what I say above. I know that there are many children with a remarkably advanced appreciation of music and so on, but generally speaking learning piano as an adult does have its advantages.

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If a child practices extremely well and gets an early start on you then the chances of you catching up at a later age are extremely slim. But by the same token, if a child practices poorly for ten years there’s every chance you can catch them up within six months. For instance, my stepfather played trombone for fifteen years from the age of seven before getting up to the same standard that my mother was at after six months at the age of fourteen. In my opinion, your potential is so much more about how you apply yourself and the quality of your practice than your age or inherent ability.

You have far more of an influence on your development as a piano player than _ fate_ (for want of a better word). That’s in part what motivates me to push myself. I know that I have the potential to be a really good piano player. Whether or not I am in the future is almost entirely up to me.

No Obstacle Is Too Big

Expressing yourself in any way with music is a good thing and can never ever be bad.

If teachers knew how to tap into the souls of their students by using the right motivational, emotional and spiritual info, then it would be much easier for their students to overcome all obstacles of learning to play. In fact, no obstacle is too big to overcome the way to learning to be a great artist or musician.

Piano Tutorials For BeginnersAs you start to play the piece of music, try to focus only on creating nice music. If you make a mistake, try to still keep up the speed and play on with no facial expression revealing the mistake and enforcing the effects of it. You could play for an audience consisting of a single person, a pet or some sort of recording equipment to create a special environment.

As you have completed your performance one can practice to meet the audience, smiling, bowing for their reactions and leaving the room in an appropriate manner. The important thing with these exercises is that one can simulate the actual situation of playing for real people and have a feeling that you know how to react to the challenge of meeting real people.

Private piano lessons these days can be quite expensive

And with widespread economic uncertainty looming over just about every sector of society at the moment, many people may be forced putting their dream of playing the piano on hold, indefinitely. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

No traffic or weather conditions to deal with. And there’s no need to worry about getting stuck on a particular concept, because in many cases customer support is available 24 hours a day. There you have it, a look at the online piano course as a convenient, practical and inexpensive alternative to live piano instruction.

And if for some reason you purchased a course that failed to meet your expectations, you can always go for the 60-day money back guarantee that most courses provide. Piano Is Fun Review If you absorb information faster with the aid of visuals, then piano videos online are for you.

A simple search with the phrase “piano videos online,” “piano videos” or “piano lessons online” reveals many sites that offer these videos. From the comfort of your home, free personal instruction is available at any time of the day. You have no expense driving to a lesson and no wasting of your time in traffic to go to a lesson.

Just pull up a chair, do a few mouse clicks, and you are underway to a valuable learning experience.

It doesn’t matter how much time one spends on one video because it’s free. Online piano lesson sites offer many lesson choices. Piano lessons are not only for beginners but also for students who want to improve their playing skills. Learning the piano is fun, easy and a great way to start making your own music. It is the foundation on which your knowledge and love for music is built.

Music Helps To Improve Self-Confidence

And it holds quite true in the case of very young children. Music helps improve and develop traits like self-confidence, creativity, imagination, short and long-term memory, social skills, coordination, and self-discipline. It has its own set of terms and expressions called notes that represent different pitches.

How To Play On The PianoThere three important things that you need to remember while learning music it should be fun, playful and enjoyable only then will you be able to learn well.


One of the best way to learn piano is by learning the piano. And it works right from the children to the elders. It is a real natural and enjoyable experience. This process involves the use of different parts of the brain like emotions, creativity, and other skills.

And if you don’t have a piano teacher, don’t worry, we have some online lessons here on the internet. It is a very fast and easy way to learn the piano. Many sites also offer free piano lessons and this should be the first place to go to learn, if you are learning online.

Practice To perfect the art of best way to learn piano, one needs to make it a point to practice every day. And at least 10 minutes of practice every day will help you play the piano really well in a matter of months. But you should make sure that you never miss even a single practice in the beginning, since it is this daily practice that will decide your progress.