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What Are The Piano Pedals Functions?

What Are The Piano Pedals Functions? Depending on the model, the piano can have two or three pedals. Each with different functions and mechanisms, which help in the interpretation and in the search for the desired tone. The piano is a musical instrument whose development has taken place little by little. The first specimen was

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The Revolutionary Kawai Mechanism

The Revolutionary Kawai Mechanism The mechanism that revolutionized piano making... Since its invention by Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco in the 18th century. The piano, both in its tail and in its closet. It has undergone several developments that have ensured more precise and refined mechanics. More complex and comprehensive sound and more robust and lasting

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The New Daniel Barenboim Piano

The New Daniel Barenboim Piano The piano is that instrument that is subject to change over time. He suffers transformations, he finds himself in a perpetual metamorphosis. Conjured up by musicians so brave and brilliant that they have dared to modify his nature. One of these great musicians is Daniel Barenboim. Who on May 26th of

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How To Get A Free Piano

How To Get A Free Piano Free piano? Pick up a piano for free is an attractive offer, but is it as attractive as expected? In most cases not. If you type "free piano" on ebay or any other advertising website, a number of pianos will appear that can be picked up for free. The

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Franz Liszt Biography

Franz Liszt Biography When remembering great composers, there are several names that stand out, such as Bach, Chopin, Beethoven and many others. Quoting the great pianists, one of them is considered to be the greatest of all time. Liszt was born in the village of Raiding, in Doborján, region of Hungary, on October 22, 1811.

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Music As An Aid In The Treatment Of Diseases

Music As An Aid In The Treatment Of Diseases Researchers kill cancer cells with Beethoven's symphony. The call stamped on some of the most important news sites on the Internet. This may seem appealing, but the fact is true. A group of scientists led by Marcia Capella, from the Institute of Biophysics Carlos Chagas Filho, of

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A Debate On The Tuning Of Musical Instruments

A Debate On The Tuning Of Musical Instruments The subject of this article has been generating much debate in recent years. It's about the pitch pattern according to which musical instruments are tuned. This standard tone was established by an ISO standard in 1953 and is 440 Hertz. For, in the case of the piano,

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All Your Options For Piano Lessons

All Your Options For Piano Lessons If you were always passionate about this instrument now you have several options to learn to play the piano. You love the sound of the piano. You'd like to be able to sit in front of the keyboard and rip all the notes, beautiful songs, your favourite themes from

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Piano Teachers In Singapore

Piano Teachers In Singapore Good piano teachers in Singapore are great professional music teachers with a variety of training, extensive music experience background and have achieved the highest skill level. They can be certified or non-certified. Our teachers either have had formal training, from a school designated for musical training, or had training from a

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Piano Playing Lessons Music Play Lessons

Piano Playing Lessons Music Play Lessons You ever imagined playing like the professionals do? Feels good doesn't it? Reality bits however. You will learn sooner or later that what separates the amateur piano players from the professionals is the kind of equipment that they use. Your ultimate goal should be to invest in all the

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