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Piano Teachers In Singapore

Good piano teachers in Singapore are great professional music teachers with a variety of training, extensive music experience background and have achieved the highest skill level. They can be certified or non-certified. Our teachers either have had formal training, from a school designated for musical training, or had training from a teacher and has pursued

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Piano Playing Lessons Music Play Lessons

You ever imagined playing like the professionals do? Feels good doesn't it? Reality bits however. You will learn sooner or later that what separates the amateur piano players from the professionals is the kind of equipment that they use. Your ultimate goal should be to invest in all the best equipment for the goals that

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Brief Piano History Information

Sunset in the sky never always comes with disappointment of shadow and darkness; instead, it also brings a new color of shadow in which moon brightens and stars shine. Same is the thing that happens with our life, where the later phase is not always monotonous but also sometimes flourishes the real ‘our self’ hidden

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The Secrets of Power Piano Practice

One of the best ways to improve your child’s progress is to improve the quality of their practice sessions. For many students, a practice session consists of simply sitting down at the piano and playing their favorite piece from start to finish as fast as they can. The secret to getting the most out of each

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Digital Versus Or An Acoustic Piano

So you have decided to learn to play the piano?  That is awesome and you will truly enjoy making music with the best instrument ever created.  There are so many choices when it comes to what to buy.  A grand piano might come to mind.  One option to consider is a digital grand piano.  It

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Digital Grand Piano

I started playing the piano back in 1995; my first digital piano was a Casio 49 key keyboard.  It served its purpose until my skill level increased; then I received a larger 64 key Casio digital piano a couple years later.   Both were high quality keyboards but to really grow, a pianist needs all 88

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Buy A Piano A Practical Guide

To buy a piano or not to buy a piano, that is the question. Are you thinking of making that big purchase? Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed and wondering where to start. There is certainly a lot to consider. The majority of people would agree that buying a piano may be one of life's more

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Low Budget Digital Piano

My niece asked me the other day if I would like to help her find a digital piano to buy. “Sure”, I said. “How much do you want to spend??”. This is usually the first question I ask if someone wants my help recommending something. You see, there are many different models to choose between

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Why Elderly Want To Learn To Play The Piano

You possibly played an instrument like the piano or keyboard when you were younger, and you are thinking why not pick up this nice hobby once again. With the coming of the Internet and other new technologies, it is nowadays much easier to start and get fast results. You can read in the following article

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Renting Or Buying A Piano

Tips To Buy Or Rent Your Dream Piano In case you want to start playing the piano and also get some lessons, then it could be wise to have your own piano. There are many possibilities, you could buy a piano or rent one and it is also difficult to make a good choice. In

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