How To Get A Free Piano

Free piano? Pick up a piano for free is an attractive offer, but is it as attractive as expected? In most cases not. If you type “free piano” on ebay or any other advertising website, a number of pianos will appear that can be picked up for free. The giver even takes the trouble to mention that it is a super heavy instrument, that it still has to be tuned and that it is a beginners piano. Of course you have to pay the transport costs yourself.

Then it’s time for a quote request for moving a piano, the mover makes an attractive offer and eventually they bring the piano from the old to the new owner. This new owner did not want to invest too much for the upcoming hobby for their daughter. You never know whether the child will enjoy it enough and whether she will continue with it.

On the advice of our movers, the new owner has bought protective coasters, has already planned the first piano lessons and is waiting until the four weeks of acclimatization have passed before receiving the piano tuner.

Need For A Piano Tuner

And there he is. The piano tuner. The cup of coffee made in front of him is probably not even poured when he tells the bad news.

The piano cannot be tuned. Or there is a defect everywhere that makes it impossible to play with pleasure and the costs to repair it are so high that the instrument is not even worth it. Apart from the fact that the owner will once again go through the whole process of, search-visit-transport arrange-voices.

Get A Free Piano

At the end of the story the poor child gets a digital piano from the music shop around the corner and after a year of piano lessons the fun is over and it goes on street dance.

In this way, things happen more than once in practice, and that is a sin. Because it is so unfortunate that the piano is often already at the customer’s door before someone who understands it looks at it for the first time. That should actually have happened before you have decided to take over the piano from the supplier. Even though the piano is free.

It would save a huge disappointment and it could be a missed opportunity. Because if you realise that when you enjoy playing the piano and having fun studying, you can enjoy it for the rest of your life at all events, in good times and bad times.

At an attractive rate, a piano expert can inspect the piano for you. A short report is made of it and you know if it is an instrument you can use to move forward with. Moreover, he provides you with all the advice, perhaps arranges the transport and provides the right protection against the wheels of the piano.