All Your Options For Piano Lessons

All Your Options For Piano Lessons

If you were always passionate about this instrument now you have several options to learn to play the piano. You love the sound of the piano. You’d like to be able to sit in front of the keyboard and rip all the notes, beautiful songs, your favourite themes from those keys. But you don’t know how to play it. This is easily solved by taking piano lessons. But not everyone can afford it, or is capable. Here you have the different ways that you have at your fingertips.

Face-To-Face Private Lessons

Searching for a private teacher is one of the best options, whether online or in person. With a private teacher you have the advantage of absolute adaptation to your level, and your own pace of learning. Not everyone has the same fluency or the same security.

The advantage of face-to-face versus online classes lies more in the student than in the class itself.  Quite simply, there are people who prefer to have the teacher by their side to give them any indication.

Online Piano Lessons

Is that impossible with an online teacher? Well no, it is perfectly possible with current technology (videoconferencing etc), as we say, online is a “handicap” that is more in the head of the student than in teaching itself.

The Best Online Piano TeacherOn the other hand, giving piano lessons online has the advantage of price and adaptability. Just for the sake of saving on travel, you can access cheaper private online piano lessons. In addition, it is much easier to coordinate the classes with your daily life. And this, which seems silly, is one of the most important points.

However, the Conservatory of Music is essential to become a true musician and composer.

We all have obligations, immovable schedules (work, nursery schools, lunch and dinner hours), and it is not always possible to reconcile those of the teacher with you. In the digital environment this is much easier to solve, opening the field for price and availability to many more students than with face-to-face classes. An option that is really worth taking into account.


These are the “elementary” version of the online classes. Through the visualization of well made videos it will be possible for you, and even simple, to learn to play the piano in its most elementary levels. However, you do have the handicap of not having the teacher with you to correct mistakes, vices, or point out this or that trick that will make things easier for you.

They serve as an introductory method, or for those people who have a keyboard at home, some interest, but are not willing to a serious training (ie, paid). If you start with video tutorials, it’s best to complement that training with online or offline tutorials.


We leave it for the end because it is the most difficult, but also the most obvious: to enter a conservatory. There is no age limit to enter, as you probably already know: all you have to do is pass a level test (there are academies that will help you prepare for the exam) and they will assign you to a specific level.

From here, to work hard and learn a lot. It takes dedication, a lot of time, and you win. The reward? Play like a professional. No, sorry: to become a professional. What group are you in and what do you think are your best options?

In addition to the private lessons of a lifetime, today’s new technologies allow new alternatives, such as online piano lessons and video tutorials.

Online piano lessons: what are the advantages?

Online piano lessons open up new doors to the professional market. You’re really not going to take them into account?

Many people are interested in playing the piano. Many, many more than enter the conservatory, no doubt. But there are also many more who sign up for piano lessons.

But Many Things Happen

Not everyone can pay for private piano lessons on a regular basis.

Other people don’t have the time available, or not at the agreed times.

Others don’t think they’re capable of learning.

All these people feel that worm inside. The little bug of music, of transmitting it through your body and giving it shape, feeling it vibrate through you. The delicious harmony of your favorite songs.

Many of these people would like to master the keyboard just to get those songs out and play them themselves, but for the reasons stated above, they don’t jump into private lessons.

Precisely those people can be the most benefited by online piano lessons.

Advantages Of Giving Piano Lessons Online

Signing up for piano lessons online opens a series of doors that were closed in the strictly presential market, for different reasons:

The Easiest Way To Start Playing PianoThey are cheaper: this is the first thing, because it allows you to give piano lessons to people who cannot afford a private teacher. If you don’t have to pay for travel, local or anything other than your knowledge and your validity as a teacher (and your internet connection), you can offer much more affordable prices for everyone.

They are more adaptable: on the Internet, everything is much more configurable for both the teacher and the student.

And how do we convince those who simply don’t feel capable of learning to play the piano? It doesn’t matter whether online or offline: everyone is simply capable.

Not everyone has a virtuoso inside, not everyone is called to be Chick Corea, Lang Lang, or Chopin himself. But you don’t have to be. It’s simply about learning to play.

Although it may seem the opposite, learning to play the piano online is one of the most demanded methods this last year.

What about disadvantages? Isn’t it a problem to give piano lessons online?

Not at all, and you’ll see why.

Key Steps When Starting Piano Lessons

When you start playing the piano, you have to start with a series of steps, without which you cannot advance correctly. Inescapable steps.

The first step is the correct position. Sit straight, in the exact center of the keyboard.

The second is the hands and fingers. Relaxed, loose (just like the back, which does not have to be rigid because it is straight).

Then you must know the notes, locate the middle C on the keyboard… and from there continue advancing, practicing scales, then chords, becoming familiar with the black keys, the flats, the sharps…

Well, you can learn all this online. Through videoconferencing you can see and be seen, which is all you need to take these first steps. And all the successive.

In short: online piano lessons are an important leap, which opens up the possibility for many people to learn to master the keyboard, and connect with the music that resounds in their heads.


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