Digital Versus Or An Acoustic Piano

Digital Versus Or An Acoustic Piano

So you have decided to learn to play the piano?  That is awesome and you will truly enjoy making music with the best instrument ever created.  There are so many choices when it comes to what to buy.  A grand piano might come to mind.  One option to consider is a digital grand piano.  It has all the benefits that comes with owning a digital piano versus an acoustic piano and has the elegant look of a baby grand piano.

You really get the best of both worlds.

Digital Piano Or AcousticAnother reason a digital grand piano is a great choice is the cost.  They usually cost much less than an acoustic grand piano.  Buying a baby grand piano, for example is more akin to buying a car.  You can buy them new and used, new being the most expensive and some brands are more than others.  A Steinway grand piano can cost tens of thousands, albeit they are worth it because they are that good. But if you have a tighter budget then a digital grand piano is a much better option.

Common Features:

Here are some common features:

Authentic feel of a real piano

Weighted keys; the weight can usually be adjusted

Great sound quality

Easy Transposition

Song recording

Digital Reverb

Digital effects

Headphones jacks – so you can practice without anyone hearing a sound but you

Produce the sounds of other instruments such as strings, electric piano, harpsichord, organ, and many moreMIDI IN/OUT

Line out and record out for connectivity to sound systems and recorders

Built in metronome

In addition, a digital piano is much lighter and easier to move than an acoustic piano and no tuning or maintenance will be required.   An acoustic piano must be tuned often and every time it is moved to a new location.

When it comes to pianos, digital or otherwise, Yamaha is one of the best.  Yamaha digital pianos have a very high quality acoustic piano sound, a number a great features, and are long lasting.  I can say this from personal experience.  In general digital pianos cost much less than their acoustic relatives but are none the less just as good and have advantages that an acoustic piano can not offer.

Graded Hammer Effect

Yamaha digital pianos have a feature called the Graded Hammer Effect.  What this means is the higher keys on the piano have a softer touch; meaning it takes less force press the key down.  Lower keys take more force to play the note.  Another feature is you can adjust the touch to be softer or harder overall.  All of this is done to best mimic the feel of the hammer action on an acoustic piano.

Takes up less space

Much lighter and is easier to move

Headphones so you can practice in peace and silence

Other voices other than piano, such as electric piano, organ, and strings

Easy transposing

Song recordingMIDI IN/OUTCan connect with a sound system

Some models offer memory card slots and computer connectivity

Easy to transport

No tuning

Digital Reverb

This allows you to change how the music sounds reflecting in different environments such as a small room or a music hall.

Musical Notes Music Instruments Piano Keys Keyboard

As close as a digital gets to sounding like an acoustic piano, it will never quite produce the same sound and the touch and key response is different.  However, Yamaha digital pianos come close and you will be pleased with the sound that these electric instruments produce.  Acoustic pianos will last longer than a digital piano with proper care and regular tuning.
The internet is a great place to find, compare and buy Yamaha digital pianos.  The prices are generally lower than in stores and you can shop from the comfort of your home.  Some popular models are the clavinova series, YDP223, and Arius YDP160.

A Casio digital piano is a great choice for any pianist of any skill level.  When I started to learn I had one at home.  Casio digital pianos come in many different sizes.  My first two were a 49 key and a 64 key.  This worked out nicely when during my first few years of practice because non of the songs were complicated enough to need all 88 the full 88 keys.  However once you reach a certain level, you need the full keyboard.

Casio Has A Great Variety

One recent casio digital piano is the Casio Privia PX-330.  It offers the sound and feel of a grand piano without the expensive price tag of a grand piano.  The authentic sound is made up of four dynamic layers of stereo sampling and a polyphony of 128 notes for natural reverb.  When it is integrated with the Linear Morphing system there are seamless transitions and true to life sound quality.

Here are some more features

Tri-focused 88 key hammer action for the authentic key feel and weight of a grand piano

250 realistic instrument sounds

USB and MIDI ports for computer connectivity

SD Card slot

Pedal inputs

Dual Headphone jacks – perfect for duets or silent instruction

Built in Metronome

Easy Transposing

No tuning

Music library full of demos – no actual playing required

Optional stand that provides more of the look of an acoustic piano

This casio digital piano also features auto accompaniment that allows you to provide your own back up instruments.  This is a perfect feature for jazz musicians who would like to practice with a rhythm section or for a classical pianist who would like to practice with an orchestra in the background.  The Casio Privia PX-330 provides a high quality digital piano that is full of amazing features and incredible sound quality, all for a very low price. You can order one here and receive free shipping.

A Roland Digital Piano is an excellent choice for aspiring pianist, professionals, and those in between.  All models offer a an authentic piano experience that mimics the sound and touch of a grand piano.  One recent Roland Digital piano that is really light years ahead is the Roland V piano.

Natural Sound

The Roland V piano digital piano has one of the most natural piano sounds.  It allows you to customize the piano to your exact specifications.

The pianist can set following parameters:

Unison Tune

Hammer Hardness

Cross Resonance

Tone Color

String Resonance

Damper Resonance

Soundboard Resonance

Key off resonance

Damping Time

Damping Noise Level

All of these essentially allow a pianist to custom design his/her own piano and it will never need to be tuned.  This is probably the most amazing feature that the V-piano has to offer.  If you have played on piano, digital or otherwise and really wished the pedal responded differently, or if you could change the tone color and resonance to match a particular genre or song, it is now possible.  You can have a collection of settings to meet all of your needs.

Included Software

Creating your virtual piano is much easier when you use the software that is included with the piano.  The software will assist you by providing nice animations, and various views, and is very easy to use.  To connect the Roland V piano. with the computer, use the USB port on the piano.

There are presets if you don’t want to customize and just to play right way.  This Roland digital piano features the “living” piano core, that does not rely on digital sampling, so every note sounds very natural.  It also has the new PHA-III Ivory Feel keyboard with Escapement keyboard technology, which gives even the most discerning of purist the sensation of playing on actual ivory and ebony piano keys and even reproduces the subtle “click” when the hammer of a piano is released.  The keys feel like the genuine article.

And you don’t miss out on having all three piano pedals, which is extremely important for adding that extra artistic touch when performing a piece of music.

Some other features include:

Built in metronome – perfect for practicing

Digital effects

Headphone jacks

USB port computer connectivity

MIDI ports

Song playback available in standard MIDI, wav, mp3

Digital audio out

With robust customization, the most realistic feel and sound that comes closest any electric instrument has come to sounding like the acoustic version; The Roland V piano. gives the piano player a true digital grand piano experience that put this model many steps ahead of other digital. Never find yourself disappointed in the way a digital piano sounds again, order a Roland V piano today.

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