Digital Grand Piano

Digital Grand Piano

I started playing the piano back in 1995; my first digital piano was a Casio 49 key keyboard.  It served its purpose until my skill level increased; then I received a larger 64 key Casio digital piano a couple years later.   Both were high quality keyboards but to really grow, a pianist needs all 88 keys.

Grand PianoAs a Christmas present when while in 1999 l I received my very first Yamaha Digital Piano, the YDP101.  This model was light years ahead of my first two digital pianos (to be fair the Casio models I had were probably meant to be toys).  It had all 88 keys and most noticeably the keys responded just like a real digital piano, i.e. the harder you pressed the more sound the piano made.  This feature was configurable to soft, medium, and hard.  I usually used medium because it felt the most like an acoustic piano.  The hard setting was indeed hard, too hard actually; even harder than a grand piano.

This piano also had a digital reverb effect that allows a pianist to produce the best sound for a particular environment.  For example the small room setting would create the best sound if you are practicing in your bedroom.  And the magnitude of the effect could also be changed by raising and lowering the number.  I usually used small room at level 3 or 4.  The main difference I noticed is how the music sounded when using the damper pedal.

Several Pedals

Speaking of pedals, this Yamaha digital piano has all three.  The soft and sostenuto pedal work really well.  The damper pedal also works well except it tends to blur the notes together too much for my taste.  There is also a built in metronome.  I use the metronome while practicing a song when I first learn it.  In my opinion the metronome ticks are too loud and distracting.
One of my favorite features is the transpose function.  This allows a pianist to play a song in a different key without having to do the hard work of transposing the song by hand.  It is really fun to hear how some of your favorite songs sound in a different key.

Finally the YDP101 has a songs already programmed into the piano, demo songs, and two tracks of recording.  The demo songs are very inspiring and some are difficult.  My piano had Chopin’s Fantaisie Impromptu as a demo.  Talk about a goal to shoot for.

Even though this is my first Yamaha digital piano, it is the only one I have ever owned because mine still works.  So as of the writing of this review my YDP101 has lasted 10 years and still kicking.  The only negatives I have are the hard key setting and the damper pedal.  Both of these can be overcome easily and another person may disagree with me about both of my negatives.  With its myriad of features, a touch, feel, and sound that mimics a grand piano quite well and long life, the Yamaha YDP101 is a sure winner.

Great Piano Experience

Child Playing The PianoFor many years I practiced on a Steinway baby grand piano and even performed on a Steinway concert grand piano and I still believe the Yamaha YDP101 provides a great piano playing experience.  That is saying a lot.  When I’m ready to buy a new digital grand piano I will be sure to look at the newer Yamaha Digital pianos.

The elegant look and magnificent sound of a grand piano is simply amazing.  How nice would it be to add life, music, and a touch of artistic style to your home.  A grand piano would do all of that and more.  However grand pianos are well known for their hefty price tags.  Enter the Suzuki DG-401P digital grand piano.  This Suzuki digital piano is crafted to look just like a baby grand piano and has all of the benefits of owning a digital piano.

The Cabinet

The DG-401P is a Suzuki digital piano with a gorgeous hand rubbed high glass finish.  The four foot one inch frame is a great fit for any room.  Includes a professional, height adjustable bench.

Sound System

It has a Concert Hall Sound System with 6 High quality, high performance speakers.


The keyboard uses an advanced, Graded Hammer Action that produces an authentic piano touch and feel.  With Graded Hammer Action, low notes have to pressed harder than high ones.

Player Piano

Digital PianoOne of the most exciting features of this suzuki digital piano is it is also a player piano.  With a player piano, you give it a song to play and the piano will play on its own as you watch the keys being hammered out.  Watch the keys go up and down as you listen to masterpieces by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, and Duke Ellington.  Watch your favorite Broadway show tunes, television and movie themes, or anything your heart desires.  The piano is also equipped with a CD-RW drive, with many CDs available to play.

Become An Recording Artist

Record your own concert on CD using the DG-401P .  You are the star of the show.

Other Features

Like most Suzuki digital pianos the DG-401P has many exciting features headphones for silent practicing digital effects such as digital reverb,a built-in metronome – a must have for practice touch control to regulate how hard you must press the keys.


USB port for computer connectivity

5 tracks of recording

64 note polyphony

128 general MIDI voicesall

three piano pedals

100 Rhythm styles with varying tempos

Transpose function, demo, prerecorded songs, Auto Bass Chord and other exciting functions to play with

The DG-401P is a Suzuki digital piano that combines the elegance, beauty, and poetic sound of a grand piano, all of the features of a digital piano and more, and the capabilities of a player piano all in one package.  It is truly an all around musical entertainment center that will bring you joy and wow your guest for many years to come.

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