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Why Elderly Want To Learn To Play The Piano - Piano Online Learning

Why Elderly Want To Learn To Play The Piano

Why Elderly Want To Learn To Play The Piano

You possibly played an instrument like the piano or keyboard when you were younger, and you are thinking why not pick up this nice hobby once again. With the coming of the Internet and other new technologies, it is nowadays much easier to start and get fast results. You can read in the following article what the most important reasons are for seniors to start learning to play the piano.

For Healthy Brains

Scientific research showed that when learning to play music especially the piano it will have to big influence on the working and development of our brain. Especially learning to play with both hands takes care that both parts of the brain will stay active.

The second reason is that they always wanted to continue playing the piano and that they have now finally the time for it.

I hear many times for older people that they always had the dream to play an instrument. But unfortunately because of other duties and their work and financial situation they could not continue.

But because they have more time now it is a good time to start studying the piano. You’re never too old to start learning to play the piano.

The third reason is that they already played the piano as a kid and they like to continue it now. In many cases, they already played the piano organ or accordion and had some music lessons before.

The method to learn a musical instrument in those days were not always suitable for every person. In those days they always started with notes and other theoretical stuff, and that is why many people stopped with their lessons.

There are currently other methods of learning, like over the shoulder videos. That way it is as if you are looking over the shoulder of the pianist. That way you can see how the instrument should be played.

Be A Part Of It

The simple reason that they just like music and want to be a part of it.

If you love music, then it is, of course, fantastic if you can produce music yourself on a piano or other instrument.

Producing Some Kind Of Art

Playing the piano is of course completely different than playing tennis or bridge. When you’re engaged with music than you create something. You will learn to enjoy your own music and to express yourself emotionally.

Just To Meet New People

Playing an instrument like the piano opens new ways. It is nice to see how students of our online piano lessons meet each other on social groups like Facebook. Beside that we also organize meetings on a regular base. That way you will also meet new people and you will find out that you’re not alone.

Just To Enjoy Yourself

The piano is a versatile instrument fit to play alone or together with others. The piano can be used as a solo is also as a secondary instrument. Just play any kind of music you like Jazz, new age,  pop and classical music.

To play together with your grandchild, child or just a good friend or girlfriend.

After you had some piano lessons it’s time to show your progress and share them with your loved ones. It would also play the piano together with your grandchild, child or friend. If you can share music this way then you will create unforgettable moments.

Two be able to accompany yourself or others while singing

A nice spot about playing the piano is that you can accompany yourself or others while singing. In other words others will sing the melody of a certain song while you will accompany that song on the piano. That is not only very nice to do but also very educational. That way you will study the chords faster while playing piano piece. And you will get also more inside knowledge regarding the piece you are playing.

Because Piano Lessons Are Fun And Rewarding

After a number of piano lessons especially if you follow them with the modern learning methods, then you will be able to play a number of well-known songs. Compared to the early days when you had to study and sweat, you can nowadays through the use of modern learning techniques already play a number of songs within weeks. We are talking about easy popular songs not that difficult classical pieces.

Yes, and it is of course also very nice to do. As an example, my online piano lessons can be followed as video lessons. That is you will look at a video recording as if you were sitting beside the pianist. After that, you can step by step learn how to play the specific piece the pianist was playing.

There’s also material in PDF form that can be downloaded and printed out as a reference. Because of the use of the social media like Facebook or Skype you will not have the feeling that you are on your own. That way you can always exchange experiences with your teacher or other students.

Having A Private Teacher

The lack of having a in person piano teacher who would be experienced as a negative factor. Having a private teacher could be handy since he will be able to guide you and show you specific piano playing techniques. Online piano lessons do not generally have courses that include a private piano teacher.

But that is not always the case since we gathered and included several online courses that also include a in person private teacher. The teacher can monitor your piano playing through Facebook or Skype. If you would like to try out some of these private online piano courses than just go to one of our online piano pages. You can find them in the upper menu of this page.

All our piano lessons, with a 60 days satisfaction warranty no questions asked. Why don’t you just try out and compare a few of our online piano lessons with each other. If by any chance you cannot find a piano course that satisfies your needs, then just drop us a line on our contact page. Because beside the lessons we are offering on this website we have access to even more online piano courses.

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