Renting Or Buying A Piano

Tips To Buy Or Rent Your Dream Piano

In case you want to start playing the piano and also get some lessons, then it could be wise to have your own piano.

There are many possibilities, you could buy a piano or rent one and it is also difficult to make a good choice.

In this article, we will go over some important information to get the piano or keyboard that fits your needs.

First of all, you need to decide if you want a digital piano, keyboard or an acoustic piano.

There are different instruments available that you can use to study the piano on:

  • acoustical piano
  • digital piano
  • keyboards

the difference pianos and keyboards have all different features and their own specific pros and cons. You should try out those instruments in order to find out which one you like to use.

And after that you have chosen what piano or keyboard you want to buy or rent, you need also to decide if you want a secondhand or a new piano or keyboard. We will also talk about where to buy or rent a keyboard or piano.

Buying A Acoustic Piano

if you want to buy an acoustic piano at a music store, then be aware that this could be very costly. And a good beginners piano could cost as much as $3000. And those are the cheaper models.

That is, of course, a lot of money but then you would have a new piano that you can use for years.

It has a lot of advantages to buying the piano at the music store. At a music store, you will have like five years warranty. The warranty can save you a lot of trouble in case there should be a malfunction.

Music stores also offer a trade in case you are not satisfied with your piano, and you often have the possibility to switch it for another piano.

Many times there’s also a free tuning included. That tuning of the piano will be done after 4 to 6 weeks since the piano as to adjust to the new environment.

Most of the time you can also negotiate about the price with the salesman. In many cases it is possible to get some extra piano accessories like a metronome, piano seat are some other nice accessories.

Buying A Cheaper Piano

In case you are looking for a cheaper piano then there’s also the possibility to buy a Chinese piano.

Most Chinese pianos have brand names that sounds German. That is a trick to make sure the pianos will be sold.

In case you’re not sure to buy a Chinese or European piano then there’s always the possibility to ask the salesman.

It is no problem to buy a Chinese piano since they are all of good quality. A small problem could be that those Chinese pianos are not for cold and moist climates. And they will get out of tune much faster than a European piano brand.

What Are Good Pianos?

Only a real expert can tell you if the piano is of a good quality. But the most important thing is that you will be satisfied with your piano.

It’s important that you like the looks of the piano and that it’s a nice looking furniture in your house. The sound of the piano is of course very important and it is, therefore, good to try out and look at several pianos.

Buying A Digital Piano

if you want to go for a digital piano then I would always advise buying a new one. Digital pianos are much cheaper than an acoustic piano and your wallet will feel a lot better.

Digital pianos can also be found in music stores. And just like acoustic pianos, you will also receive a couple of years warranty.

Is also the possibility to buy a digital piano online. The downside is that you cannot try out these pianos before you buy them. I will advise you, therefore, to go to a music store and try out the piano before you buy.

E-piano Piano Musical Instrument Play Piano

Digital pianos differ much regarding looks playability and sound. Just try out different pianos and listen how they sound and how heavy the touch sensitivity of the keys are.

The touch sensitivity is very important regarding digital piano. Touch sensitivity means that you can produce a louder sound if you use more force on the key.

Digital pianos have at least one pedal or have the possibility to connect one.

Buying A Keyboard

Buying a keyboard is the cheapest option. You can already buy one for about $40 to about $1000 for an expensive one.

I most certainly advise you to buy a new keyboard. Because the prices of keyboards are very low and you will also get a few years of warranty with those.

Keyboards can be bought in a music store but also online. But if you want to try out the keyboard and you want to know what functions are included, then I will also just like with other piano’s advice you to go to a music store.

The salesman can explain to you what functions are included on a specific model. And he or she could possibly demonstrate by playing a piano piece so that you can hear if you like the sound.

Buying A Secondhand Digital Piano

A secondhand piano is of course much cheaper than a new one and it could last for several years. Secondhand pianos are cheap because the value goes down after a few years.

It is, therefore, better to buy a piano that is only a few years old. And a secondhand piano will also bring a good price when you want to sell it.

In order to buy a good piano I will advise you to look for the following important points:


if you want to buy a secondhand piano than the sound is one of the most important things. The sound will tell a lot about the piano and give it is well-maintained and tuned.


Always look if the keys are heavily used just like the snares and the paint on the piano.


never buy a piano that is too old. Older instruments are mostly cheaper but you will not enjoy them for a longer time. A piano of just a few years old is always a better choice.

Buying A Piano At A Music Store

in case you want to buy a secondhand piano then it is always better to buy one at the music store. The big advantage is that you will get a warranty.

That warranty will, of course, be a lot shorter than when you buy a new one. But you can always return with the piano if something is wrong.

Buying A Piano From A Private Person

The lowest price for a piano can be found by someone at home.

But be careful, they most of the time have a very nice talk about how amazing this piano is, but he will never give you a warranty.

You will have the risk that there will be many things wrong with the piano. You will lose all your money and don’t even have a piano.

It’s the best to take someone with you that has some knowledge about pianos.

Buying A Piano At A Recycle Store

there is, of course, the option to buy the piano at a recycle store. But those pianos are of little or no value, that’s the reason why people give them to a recycle store. So I will not recommend that you will buy one there.

Renting A Piano

The option to rent a piano has the advantage that if you don’t want to continue with your piano playing career that you can just stop.

That way you have the possibility to try out an acoustic piano and if you like it then you can still decide to buy it.

Renting a piano is a nice option if you don’t have the budget to buy one.

The price to rent a piano will be about $80 per month and you can rent one at a music or piano store.




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