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Becoming A Successful Piano Teacher - Piano Online Learning

Becoming A Successful Piano Teacher

Becoming A Successful Piano Teacher

There are two main aspects to becoming a successful piano teacher – the teaching side and the business side. To succeed you need to work on both sides. A common mistake we see teachers make is to completely ignore the business side. Let’s look at examples of how we can help you succeed with both aspects to teaching piano.

Avoiding Problems

As a piano teacher eventually you will experience problems such as students not showing up on time, people complaining about your policies, prospective students haggling to get your lesson rate lower, child students not focusing or practicing, etc. Instead of taking a trial and error approach, our guides explain best practices you can take to prevent or deal with issues in the best possible way. If you’re ever stuck with a difficult situation, you can even email us to help you decide what’s the best action to take.

Teaching Methods & Techniques

If you haven’t studied teaching methods formally, our courses and guides will provide you with an excellent framework you can use in your lessons. Being a great pianist, unfortunately, doesn’t automatically make you a great piano teacher. To become a great teacher you need to understand various teaching methods and know which ones should be used in any given situation. Our training courses are designed to give you a wide range of teaching methods and strategies and enable you to use them effectively in your lessons. Take the trial and error out of your lessons and start using effective methods.

The Business SideStarting Your Business

Planning and starting your piano teaching business is important to get right. Setting a fair rate, promoting your lessons effectively and avoiding the common mistakes so many teacher make are crucial to your business. Our business guides and our 12-week business training courses will ensure you create the right business for your goals.

Using Your Website Properly

Up to 97% of people search online for local services which means unless you have an effective website, a lot of potential students won’t be able to find you. It might sound easy to slap a website together but it’s actually quite difficult to use it properly. There’s a lot of competition for piano teachers online so it’s more important than ever before that you use your website effectively. We can help you build your own website free as part of membership, we can compile detailed reports so you can assess the quality of your website and your online position and we can even help you improve your website using best practices.

Marketing Strategies

There’s far more to marketing than putting up some posters and mailing some flyers around town. Marketing is the number one issue we see piano teachers get wrong. To help you avoid common mistakes we have a wide range of business guides explaining in detail how to use each marketing method effectively. You will be able to compare the different methods and figure out which ones are ideal for your goals. The guides will then explain how to implement the methods along with email support from us. Don’t take a trial and error approach with marketing and don’t waste your money on ineffective advertising. Along with our business guides, you will have access to training courses as well as email support from us to help you use the methods properly.

Expand Your Business

Want to teach full time? Want to teach without being limited to one location? There are so many different paths you can take as a piano teacher. Face to face lessons is just one possible career path. Unless you research the alternatives you might be missing out on a more satisfying and rewarding career. Our BXP series of business guides will explain different career paths you can take, why you might want to take them and how to get started. Once you figure out your ideal career using our guides, we can guide you along via email.

Here’s some of the things we’ve helped other piano teachers achieve:

Continue to teach while traveling around the world

Build multiple streams of income to allow a teacher to leave their full-time desk job

Sell online piano courses

Design, build and sell a piano teaching game for kids

Build a ‘students only’ website to allow a teacher to create extra lessons and courses for her students

If you have an idea on something you would like to achieve, even if we don’t already have a guide on it, we can work with you to help you achieve it.

Find Out Exactly How to Succeed Online

Our Business Guides provide you with plenty of advice on how to succeed as a piano teacher but there’s more we can do for you. Our market reports will provide you with specific advice to your situation on how to succeed as a piano teacher. We can look at your website and tell you how well it’s doing and what problems we’ve found. We can use these reports to provide you with recommendations on how to rank higher in search engines and attract more students. We’ve helped a lot of other teachers so we know what works and what doesn’t. These reports allow you to tap into our expertise and provide you with specific advice.

This report will tell you how easily people can find you online. As up to 97% of people search online for local services. This report will help you ensure you show up every time somebody searches online for piano teachers. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which basically means how well your website is set up to rank well in the search engines. If you want students to find you online, this report is essential.

You Need A Effective Website

Your website is actually the most important promotional tool you have available. Some teachers mistakenly treat it as an ‘electronic brochure’. This report will explain in detail how well your website is performing and how you can improve it. We will find any potential problems and issues and provide you with solutions. Even if you aren’t very confident with websites, we will explain clearly what needs to be done.

Every piano teacher needs an effective website so use this report make sure use yours properly.
Social media is becoming a big area for piano teachers. And can make a big difference to how easily new students can find you. You can use social media to attract new students. Keep your existing students happy and build your online reputation as a piano teacher. This report will explain how effectively you’re using social media. And can provide you with recommendations on how to make the most out of it. Attract new students and build your online reputation using the advice in this report.

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