Musically talented children can play instruments, sing, dance, compose own songs. But nothing happens by itself. They need their parent’s, teacher’s support. Just someone to sign them up to music activities, buy them instruments, take them to lessons, help them organizing time to practice. It is always easier when there is a musician in the family already who will notice and help develop the talent.

Kid Playing ThePianoBut very often really talented children happen to be from totally unmusical families. There may be nobody to notice a growing talent right in front of their eyes. That is why it is so important to give every child that early chance. Even if your child is not going to be a real star, learning music have so many benefits: have great effect on developing happy and emotionally stable personalities improve manual skills build a stronger self esteem and great personality improve memory and math skills learn about tempo and rhythm develop social skills and more Mozart’s music effect on all academic learning, especially math is already proven by scientific studies. Even plants and animals react positively to it.

It is always the best to start with piano or keyboard lessons first. It is the most eye friendly instrument. On piano keys you can actually see the octaves, go left for lower sounds, and right for higher sounds. It is not that visual on violin, guitar, or flute. That is why piano should always be the first child’s instrument, before guitar or violin lessons.

Piano Lessons As Music Introduction

Piano lessons may be treated also as music introduction: ear and rhythm training, learning music notes and how to count their values, playing accompaniments, and so on. The ability to play the piano well, may lead to a great future career by itself. Or it can help with singing, dancing, performing on stage, even creating an own band or opening a recording studio. The possibilities here are endless. And the most important of them all is offering your child a new life passion that can make all life so beautiful.

Sometimes It Is Not Easy to Have a Talented Child at Home

When it comes to the real musical talent, everything needs to change.

Your child needs the best instrument possible, and a well organized space and time for practicing. But remember a child is still a child, especially a very young one, and needs your support especially in the time management. Good early afternoon hours to do a school homework, and a free play time left including being outside for a walk or bike riding.

Talented Children Are Special – they will practice on their own for hours because they just like it. They will compose own piano pieces, write songs, record them. They may even have better skills to organize their time than their parents would. Give them credit for that, show your trust and support, but still let do things in their own ways.

Never criticize their efforts, but on the other hand do not over do it in complementing them. Sadly, many young talents naturally “died” in their later years. Won all the prizes, got all admiration, and left music totally out of the door. Every talent needs to come along with a hard work. And the guidance how important it is to keep going with it.

A whole future career may be wasted if at the age of twelve or thirteen, your child will suddenly decide that friends are more important than practicing. Every child, even the most talented one will have week moments, will think about giving it up. Do not let that happen to your child. A few years later you will get a big thank you for that.

How To Know Early That Your Child Is Really Talented?

A beautiful thing about all Moms is that they always think that their child is the most special, talented, and best in everything comparing to other children. And that is really admirable. With that kind of support every child will become better in their learning efforts – just to not disappoint that trust and admiration.

When it comes to a real talent thou it is a matter of giving a balanced support. If dear Mom is not a musician how would she know if her child is really talented or simply skilled a little more than her being able to play few simple piano pieces, How to know than? That is the main purpose of piano recitals being organized by your child’s teacher.

Child Playing The Piano

Always attend the first piano recital with your child and stay for the whole event – do not just listen to your child’s performance and then leave. Compare how is your child doing with other children performance at similar age and level listen to the professional opinion of your child’s music teacher. Another important aspect is to choose the right activity for your child.

Talk to your child about it first: why do you think it is a great thing to do, how can your child benefit from it, future careers based on skills. Listen together to some music, play music games, try some music software or programs online like for example the musical part of ABC Mouse, try free piano lessons and virtual piano keyboard. Most of the children would absolutely love it! Have fun with it, and learn a lot along.

Your Role In Your Kids Development

It is your role to get your child interested in music, the best when your child is much younger than five. But If your child absolutely hates it or is really bored with it, it is not going to be better in regular piano lessons with a teacher. You cannot force your child to play the piano. All teachers know how difficult these lessons are. Sports may be the better choice than.

What if your child says NO to every activity you try? It is a first sign of more serious problems coming your way. Is your child too spoiled having his/hers ways in everything? Prefers just to play video games all days long? Wants to hang with friends all afternoons? It cannot be ever good! The older your child will become, the more problems will come.

Lower grades, problems with concentrating, quitting everything that requires some effort on the way. Never let that happen if you want your child to succeed in life. The key here is to start early. Be consequent: if your child wants art lessons make an agreement to keep up with it for at least the whole school year.

Doing something different every month is not going to work well. It will be a total waste of money and time. Here comes time to teach your child three little secrets to succeed in life.