Casio Digital Piano Reviews

Casio Digital Piano Reviews

I’ve put together some Casio digital piano reviews on this site, doing the legwork and research.  You can read them by clicking the links on the right sidebar or in the chart below.  I’ll give you info on each model so you’ll know which one is best suited for you. With all the different types of keyboards available from Casio, you want to make sure you’re getting one with all the features you want.

What follows is what you’ll want to be thinking about when looking at the different Casio keyboards.

Weighted Keys

Weighted keys mimic the keys of an acoustic piano.

They will be lighter on the lower notes, heavier on the higher ones


Touch Sensitivity

Touch sensitivity means the harder or softer a key is pressed, the louder or softer the sound will be. Conversely, a piano with no sensitivity will have the same degree of loudness no matter how hard the keys are pressed.


Built-In Speakers

For pianos without speakers, either a pair of headphones must be used, or amplified speakers must be connected via the line-out jack8W x 28W x 28W x 2



The number of notes or sounds the piano can play simultaneously.



Voices are the different types of pianos or other musical instruments (such as harp, organ, etc) that the piano can play.


Reverb Effects

Echo effects that can simulate playing the piano in different venues, such as a hall or an auditorium


Built-in Recorder

Does the device have built-in storage to save songs? If not, the piano can still save songs to a computer using either a MIDI or USB port.



USB Port

MIDI Connector

Headphone Jack

Line-Out Jack



Footswitch Included

Power Supply Included

Advantages Of A Digital Piano

Although you’re probably already aware of them, there are at least a few advantages that a Casio digital piano will have over a ‘traditional’ piano:

First and foremost, unless you want to shell out thousands and thousands of dollars, a grand piano isn’t feasible for most people.

At the end of the day, digital pianos are MUCH more affordable.

Feel like paying for regular tuning of your acoustic piano?  Put away the wallet – a Casio piano requires no tuning! The space needed to keep a grand piano pretty much seals the deal for most people also.  They’re behemoths.  Casio keyboards are SMALL and can go pretty much anywhere.

Oh yeah – try putting your grand piano in the closet when you’re done with it – not gonna happen.

Casio Digital Piano Reviews

Speaking of moving a grand piano

Don’t bother – they can weigh over 600 pounds and need to be moved by hired professionals (can you say more money?). The average Casio digital piano will weigh 30 pounds or less and you can take it on the road with ease.

Does it Feel Like a Real Piano?

Most keyboards possess keys that feel like an acoustic piano – they have ‘hammer action’, meaning that they’ll be heavier on the low-end notes, and lighter on the highs, just like the real thing.

This is always nice to have considering that your fingers will be used to the weighted keys in case you ever have an opportunity to play a grand piano. A lot of the keyboards have what they call “touch sensitivity”.  This feature allows you to customize how much tone you get depending on how hard you press the keys.

Cancel the Piano Lessons

The best digital piano can actually walk you through learning which keys to press during a song, which, in effect, will show you how to play.

They usually have songs pre-loaded which you can queue up.  During the playback, LED lights will flash above the keys corresponding to the notes that are being played.  This shows you what keys to press as the song goes along.  You can slow it down as much as you want to keep time.

Wanna Play A Different Instrument?

Pretty standard on keyboards these days is the ability to change the sound on it from a grand piano to a different musical instrument, such as a flute, trumpet, or guitar.  You’ve got a whole orchestra at your fingertips.

Just push a button to make it happen.

Want More ‘Life’ to Your Sound?

A good Casio keyboard will have reverb and echo effects, which lets you emulate playing piano in a large hall or in a concert arena, even when you’re only playing in your living room.  It’s even possible to brighten the sound (more happy sounding) or mellow it down, depending on how you’re feeling.

Put Together Your Own Music Compositions

What’s been mentioned prior have all been great benefits of a Casio piano over a traditional one.

The one that puts it over the top is the ability to actually RECORD and arrange your music (and you can use the different instruments as layered tracks to compose), transfer it to a computer, edit it, and be able to share it with anyone.

Advantage: Casio

Is There Anything Else?

All keyboards will have a headphone jack (the Casio PX 130 actually has two) so that you can plug in and listen while you play.

This will help you appease other members of your family who are sleeping late at night or do not want to be bothered with piano music in the house – you’ll be in your own little world Most systems will also have jacks for which you can hook up an amplifier or a set of speakers.

This will help give you more ‘oomph’ if you are ever playing your keyboard in a large venue so everyone can enjoy.

What Do Others Think?

While doing my research for these reviews, I took note of some owner reviews:“This piano sounds good. Feels excellent.”“If you are looking for a great digital keyboard, this is it.”“You won’t get a better deal for the money.””This is a serious piano that has classic good looks and will look good in your home years from now…”Come On, It Can’t Be Perfect…Well, of course, it can’t.

Truth be told, a Casio piano is never going to EXACTLY be able to replicate the sound and feel of the real thing.  However, only an absolute student of music will notice or care. Casio keyboards, and most digital pianos for that matter do a pretty nice job of getting the sound and key weight as close to real as possible.

Most people won’t notice the difference

And for all the advantages that a digital keyboard gives you over an acoustic, it’s extremely hard to pass up.(some links here are sponsored affiliate links. The owner makes a commission if you buy after clicking these links. The owner is not a bona fide user of this product, but has thoroughly researched it and provided his personal opinion only)

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