Buying A Digital Piano

Digital pianos are popular because of their ability to produce numerous different types of sounds. Electronic pianos can have a setting which represent a concert grand piano, an upright piano, a tack piano. And can include the ability to synthesize the sounds so that they resemble a string ensemble. And therefore you can combine these sounds with the piano to make incredible, full, vibrant, music. Digital pianos store their sample sounds in ROM (Read Only Memory).

They do have limitations on reproducing the actual sound of an acoustic piano. Because they do not possess the quality of harmonic tones. They also lack the ability to create natural reverberation and lack the ability to create sounds of pedal suspension. Most people listening to recordings produced by digital pianos are not different than those made by an acoustic piano.

Many digital pianos will include an amplifier and loudspeakers. Therefore not requiring any other additional equipment to be necessary to play. Because of their digital nature, pianos can produce many different varying sounds. These instruments can sound like harpsichord and organ. They usually also include sounds such as strings, flute, and percussion.  Digital pianos also have built in rhythm capabilities that can accompany you while playing.

They also will have the ability to record your performance and can be interactive with other electronic music devices. There are also hybrid and acoustic pianos that are being made to come close to combine the sounds of both types of pianos. These pianos have regular acoustic traits including real piano actions, however, can be disconnected with the digital sound on demand.

Prices and Value

While they are very expensive, they are the ultimate piano for combining both sounds and capabilities. They allow you to record and playback your performance in detail. And can also play a wide selection of previously recorded sounds.  These hybrid digital pianos can also be used as a MIDI controller and can be used as a synthesizer. Sound is important on an instrument and deciding on the type of sound you are looking for. It will help in determining what type of digital piano you are looking for.

We will give you a brief review of Casio px-130 digital piano product. Casio has been a great rival for other piano and keyboard producers such as Yamaha and many more. They have been producing lots of stylish rage of home and portable stage digital pianos.

While some experienced musicians do not recommend Casio for their piano instruments. Some customers just feel the right feeling with numbers of Casio products. Older Casio products looks “cheap” and inconvenient for some people. But it will change starting from the production of Celviano and Privia models. Which have become Casio’s most popular models. This year, the producer is coming with its latest 88 key digital piano product, namely the Casio Privia PX-130.

The Px-130 is also designed for beginners and intermediate players. But surely, Casio px-130 gives you all improvements and upgrades from the company, with lots of enhancements as well. Compare to the Celviano AP models that are more home piano. The Privia model from Casio is definitely more portable, and very suitable for stage pianos.

The Casio px-130 is ready to compete with other 88 key digital piano in the market.

The Casio Px-130 Digital Piano Review

Some people will probably think why they should buy digital piano instead of grand acoustic piano model? Well, you should know that the digital piano models are very popular these days.

Lots of beginners and intermediate piano players prefer to choose digital piano model. Because it is easier to be learned and also more convenient. Of course, some grand master piano players will suggest you to play the acoustic one. But hey, it is the matter of taste, right. In addition, digital piano will costs you less dollar than the grand piano. They also have richer features that can be adjusted to your need and requirements.

If you are looking for a high-end digital piano product. Try for the new 88 key digital piano Casio px-130 product. This Best-Selling Privia-series tend to SELL OUT VERY FAST!! If this is a MUST HAVE product, be sure to order now to avoid disappointment.

We have done some research and spend a lot of time for you. Find out where to get the best deal on Casio PX-130. What are the differences between the Casio px-130 and previous Casio’s products and other producers’ digital piano? The company has made a huge improvement for its latest product. You will find its sounds quality and keyboard feel are better.

The sounds in px130 now feature sound source and is using high-precision stereo samples. That are capable to deliver you a grand piano-like sound quality and playability. Sounds great, huh? Not only in terms of sound, the design and outlook appearance is also more amusing. The Casio px-130 is quite light, with its 58 x 10 x 15 inches for the dimension. And its weight is at 20 pounds, you will be able to move it around your house without difficulties.

Enhanced features

Some enhanced features are also added to the px130 model such as:

88 weighted, scaled hammer-action keys, 128 polyphony notes,

16 tones with layer and split,

and also features Reverb, Chorus, Brilliance, and Acoustic Resonance digital effects.

The new Casio px-130 shows you what the digital piano should be. The design is very portable, so you won’t get any difficulties if you move it to another room. The sleek design is attractive, and it has best sounds quality that ever exists in a digital piano.

You will find a lot of similar features as in a grand piano model in this new px130 model. The new additional features such as Tri-Sensor 88-note hammer action keyboard. Is capable to give you the best feeling when playing it. The portable size, which is less than 25 lbs, is also very sufficient for home, school, or stage performance. For some customers, the new Casio px-130 has all the requirements they want to have. If you see the piano clearer, you will get a classy feeling of it.

Because it has minimal buttons and lights features. The company has succeeded to make px130 model as a grand piano replica. Some users even said that they have the feeling of playing the grand piano when playing this piano. These keyboards are very well designed, with sufficient density of each other.

The keys are just felt right, and do not look cheap. It instead looks much more like acoustic model one. Let’s leave about the keys. The sound quality is beyond what you can imagine in a digital piano. Some users even report that this px130 model does not sound like a digital piano, but like a grand piano.

Get good quality

It is capable to deliver smooth and clear sounds with its quality speakers. While some other digital pianos have poor sounds quality. The realistic sound quality gives you the feeling of playing the grand piano. And is above all other digital piano’s sounds ever.

The Casio px-130 also gives you 128 polyphony notes and 16 different voices. This can be adjusted and combined with available digital effects. This piano is capable to store 50 built-in songs in its library. You can have a very pleasant time with these. Or you can use them as your background sounds.

Looking for enhanced features?

The Casio px-130 comes with additional features and specifications from its predecessor.

Besides 128-polyphonic and 16-tone digital sound features. The two headphone connection outputs on the Casio px130 is also a plus. Supporting your amplifications function, 4 reverb capabilities, and a metronome. The piano even gives you three pedals in case you want to produce acoustic sounds. The keyboard is also very portable, and its sequencer is capable to record up to 5.000 notes piano playing.

The piano also gives you USB and MIDI ports to connect with your PC, and transport your songs to and from your Casio Px-130. The capacity is capable to store up to 65 KB of ROM, and is compatible with Mac and Windows devices. The features also allow you to split keyboard and produce two different sounds. Or combine two different sounds into one composite sound. Unfortunately, some people find that this piano is too heavy to travel. The keys are also slightly heavier compare to other models such as Yamaha.

The use of plastic materials are another downside in this piano. The Casio px-130 is the right choice for you with its rich features and best sound quality.

Where Can You Buy Casio Px-130 for the Best Deal?

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