Piano Online Learning Weekly Update

Piano Online Learning Weekly Update

I have decided to create a weekly update as a way to keep some structure in my posting frequency. If I feel like doing so, I will post more throughout the week of course. I still need to experiment with what day works best especially when considering time-zones, but I’ll figure it out sooner or later, let’s just get to the actual update Playlist Earlier this week I posted about Touhou, a very popular video-game with an amazing fan-base. In case you missed that post you can read it here.

Online Piano LessonsAs promised, I gathered up some renditions/ covers of the music from that game and put them together into a playlist. Touhou has many music styles, but I decided to go for a relaxing atmosphere with guitar playing that can make a breeze roll through a closed window, piano playing that Well, I’m not a damn poet! Piano playing that is beautiful. If you keep listening there are some surprises here and there. This playlist contains no vocals, so don t worry about sudden Japanese singing if you re not into that, haha. Reading Sheet Music Let me tell you about a huge mistake I made when I started learning how to read sheet music.

After a quick familiarization with the notes, I intuitively went to my piano and hoped I’d get to know them better by learning songs using sheet music. This is of course not the way to go. When I did this it took me ages to find out the notes I needed to play, followed by forgetting half of them. I would trace back parts I had forgotten and spend even more time on trying to figure out which notes to press. After figuring them out I could finally practice the part.

No Improvement Whatsoever

As I started identifying the notes of the next part. I realized that my ability to read notes hadn’t improved one bit. Realizing it would take ages to learn the next part and with easy programs like Synthesia nearby. It was just easier to just drop reading notes for now. If you are even remotely serious about playing piano don’t follow me in those footsteps. It is better to efficiently learn reading notes, followed by efficiently learning songs using your new skill.

Read about how to start reading notes on the new page (It can also be found by navigating to theory & technique in the main menu).Me and my playing Earlier this week I tried recording a song with my phone. I was proud when I played it without mistakes during the first recording. The recording sounded so good too!& & for the first 20 seconds and As I increased the volume of my playing the phone mic couldn’t record the sound properly and it ended up buzzing, screeching and whatnot.

The purchase of my piano is still a very recent event and I’m a little in debt because of it. So I have no money to buy recording equipment. So sadly, it will take some more time before I can upload some videos of my own playing. But the longer it takes the more it will become worth the wait. I’m making steady progression. I’m a little indecisive lately when it comes to picking which songs to learn. I ended up learning three songs at the same time. Though, I made decent progress in all three of them, so I’m satisfied as they were all on my to play list & Song Recommendations For beginners I will suggest Departure from the anime Rurouni Kenshin.

It has very easy patterns using basic chords

I have not seen this anime myself, but after watching a video on YouTube I instantly fell for the song. However, the video does contain spoilers. If you are going to spoil yourself& at least put it on full screen and preferably use a headset so you get the full experience (it’s okay to spoil yourself if you re never going to watch the anime anyway). Click here to see the video I’m talking about. Check the video below if you are interested in learning a piano version of the song. Another suggestion for playing is BLUE (pfs) from the anime no Exorcist.

Simply because it is a beautiful song. I know nothing about it other than that it scored an 8.1 out of 10 on MyAnimelist.net (112.500 votes). So I guess it’s pretty good, haha. Find the sheets/ midi for Departure on this page (on Ichigos). Find the sheets/ midi for BLUE (pfs) on this page (on Ichigos as well). That’s it for this week. I say, put on the playlist and have a nice weekend!

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