20+ Easy Piano Songs For Beginners

Welcome to easy piano songs for beginners. You weren’t attracted to chords, triads or piano arpeggios. Most likely it was the nice piano songs and compositions! Was it one of Haydn or Beethoven’s well-known piano pieces? Or it might have been a fun piece at a jazz club that you heard.

Easy Piano Songs For Beginners

Whatever piano genre attracted your ear. Once you peel through repertoire you have plenty to explore. The trick, is of course, is to get started with the easy piano songs!

In this easy keyboard songs tutorial, we will adopt music suggestions for most genres. And some simple piano songs designed for children. Then we’ll show you some of the easy piano learning methods.

Prepared to get going? Let’s just go!

Phase 1: Find Easy Piano songs

Once you start playing the piano, it’s a nice way to stay inspired. And to stay enthusiastic to find easy piano lessons or sheet music!

Be diligent and look for the music you want to learn, that the teacher gives you. This is important for adult piano students.

Just remember, not all piano songs are the same. Many styles, by definition, may be more difficult for beginners. I recommend browsing children’s songs, folkloric songs, movie themes and showtunes. And some pop songs, if you wish to start off with easy piano songs. Classical and jazz are more complex, they could discourage you!

Once a genre is choosen, ask your piano teacher! We included easy songs to learn on piano video tutorials in this article. While some of them have references to sheet music. Some have easy pop songs on piano YouTube links that you can use to study.

Simple Piano Songs for children

Have you any children who seem to be involved in simple piano lessons? Awesome I’ve taught piano for some time now and I think it’s a great age for five years for students to take piano courses daily.

If you are looking for easy piano songs that allow your children to assess their interest. Then please pick songs with which they are already familiar with. Such as kindergarten lyrics, church songs for worship or a favorite television show. If you don’t seem to attract your child to a certain song or style. You could try to introduce them to a little of everything (one song at a time). Perhaps they’ll love classical pieces or show tunes!

When a fine piano instructor has been found, he or she might suggest that your child learn from the appropriate books. For easy children’s songs, there are tons of great video tutorials. Check out the suggestions at the bottom if you do not know where to start.

Step 2: learn to play the piano.

YouTube tutorials for learning to play basic piano songs.

While studying easy pop songs to play on piano with a real teacher is the best. You can now find loads of easy online resources to get started!
YouTube as well as other video sites provide plenty of simple piano instructions and song guides.

YouTube is a good place to check if you are curious to find an popular pop hit. And you can often find lessons before your tablature is released! This is an amusing way to keep the material up-to-date.

These videos tend to break down the fundamentals of melody and/or chord: fingerings and notes. Some lessons can focus on beginners and teach with one hand. Others may have piano tutorials for both hands. Such clips are good because in the middle of the course you could pause them. And repeat those easy songs to play on keyboard moves as often as one needs to.

I would not use learning from YouTube videos to much, however. Because you won’t get hands-on guidance and criticisms of your technique when you do that. Perhaps you can play a song at the end of the video, but is the piano playing technique right? It can also greatly influence your basic keyboard songs development as a pianist.

Able to Learn Piano Through Sheet Music

Another option is to download easy piano sheet music on websites such as MusicNotes, SheetMusicPlus or 8Notes. That’s if you can read music! You definitely know the fundamentals, if you learn piano lessons now. If not, see this link for easy popular songs to play on piano guide.

If you really want to make the most out of your music education, reading sheet music is important. While developing a strong ear and quickly memorize easy piano patterns is great. But you’re very advantageous if you can read the notes on paper! If you want to learn how to play easy songs on piano seriously. Then this is a necessity and there is no path around this one.

If it seems daunting, start with the appropriate fingering on each hand, then scale notes. To help memorize the concept of music you can use images, flash cards, names of games and rhymes. Upon learning this, it leads you to reading chords, keys and rhythms in a more demanding chapter. You will be directed by your instructor at the right pace and learn like a pro before much time.

Learning easy piano songs by ear

Learn the entire song by ear would be another choice for learning basic piano songs! Many students can get the gift of a perfect pitch in their young age and in one instance can tell which note is struck on the piano. And do this without seeing it.

If you’re not, that’s all right! Some students can take a note of a song and figure out how to at least play the melody if they go slowly. Listen and play with various simple songs to play on piano till it sounds good.

You can also try to figure out the chords from there. Were they chords of three or five notes? Are they major or minor sounds?

Naturally, it won’t be overnight, it normally takes years of work. You might need to follow both a YouTube tutorial or the sheet music. Even with the easiest piano songs around nowadays.

Very Satisfying to be able to play

Being able to play easy piano songs can be very satisfying. This can be the case for your piano playing career or just for the joy of it. And if your any good than other people will enjoy it to.

Pianists and other musicians should be able to read music notes. If you like to perform in a band with other musicians, then it is necessary for you to be able to write a song. It is also important that you can play any piano piece just by reading the notes. It is not that hard learning to read music notes. Interesting in fact not so much different then reading a book.

After you understand the basic concept then you will have the most difficult part behind you. And the more you train your music sheet reading the easier it becomes. There are numerous online resources available on the Internet that will help you to read music notes.. If you really want to go all the way to learn to play the piano then let no one stop you.

Playing easy piano songs

Besides reading notes, is also important to play the piano by ear, meaning to be able to play a song just by listening to it. It’s not always easy to play by ear, as you need to be able to interpret the chords you’re playing in order to recognize your own version of the song. People have been saying for years that you need to be born with an ear for the music to play by ear, but believe me that’s not true. With sufficient effort and dedication to learning, anybody can learn to play by ear.

What if you suffer from tone deafness. Sadly, many people are tone deaf, which means they can not make the distinction between sounds. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you must give up your ambition to become a musician just because you can’t perceive tones.


You could take the tone deafness test to know if you’re really tone deaf. Professional musician-educators based on scientific research on tonal deafness with years of experience in the music industry have developed this test. You may be surprised that you aren’t entirely deaf to tones.

If you’re passing the test, great! But even if you don’t, don’t leave the Ballpark, many resources help you online to recognize and distinguish tones. And don’t forget that even if you are tone-deaf and “memory” that can help you be a great musician. Playing to memory, putting it in another perspective, is something that you can counterfeit until you learn to play in the ear. This is what you can do when everything else is wrong. But you need to keep working with your memory to recognize the tones.

20 easy piano songs for beginners

The list below this article includes twenty easy songs to be played on the piano by beginners. I hope you’ll be able to recognize them because I chose these songs in particular. Not only because they are popular, but also because they are the easiest songs to learn on piano

Learning how to play a song is much easier if you’ve heard it before.

Don’t rush, and don’t get agitated. Unlike other people are saying, no one, without first learning and practicing, is able to sit and play simple pop songs on keyboard. So, when you just start off, you should not expect too much. It just takes time to play properly, but you have to do it with some effort, I mean anyone can do it.

1. Let it Be – The Beatles

Let It Be is a popular hit from the last studio album of the Beatles. The demonstration is an in-depth clip on how to play the rhythmic pattern for each segment of the track. Like any Beatles song, Let It Be is a easy way of learning vital musical techniques and developing the piano skills.

2. Lean on Me – Bill Withers

One of my favorite songs is Lean on me. Written and produced by Bill Withers, it has been a staple in the music world all through the years. It’s also one of the very quick and easy basic songs to play on keyboard.

It happens. It is a easy basic chord development in the simplistic’ C’ mode. The texts with the above chords are at the bottom of the article.

3. Clocks – Coldplay

Do you spent days / weeks / months practicing your strong, split or inverted triads? You begin to wonder,’ What are these good things for?Alright, Coldplay’s’ Clocks’ is a perfect example of how piano theory and easy techniques can be transformed into something very artistic, when you understand how to mix a few basic chords. So let’s dive into how to play simple songs on keyboard of’ Clocks’

4. My Way – Frank Sinatra

“My Way” is a track that Frank Sinatra made popular in 1969. His music was written by Paul Anka, co-composed, co-written (with Jacques Revaux) to the French hit “Comme d’habitude,” and sung by Claude Francois in 1967. The English words of Anka are not aligned with the original French album. The album has been a hit for many stars such as Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Sid Vicious. Sinatra’s’ My Way ‘ cover lasted easy  75 weeks in the UK Top 40, now holding history. Another sample of simple songs to play on keyboard. It’s quite easy to play on the piano.

5. Für Elise – Beethoven

You can easy learn to play Für Elise from Beethoven in this simple piano lesson. This is a very condensed version for beginners. I start with the synchronized playing of the left and right pieces, then we start playing the song one hand at the same time. The left hand is accompanied by the right part. Then there is a very sluggish version of this song at the start, if you have trouble finding the right words.

6. Love of My Life – Queen

“Love Of My Life” is among Queen’s most stunning ballads. In this track, Freddie Mercury’s vocals are vibrant and especially with Brian May’s acoustic guitar accompaniment. We also arranged a series of simple songs to learn on piano songs like “Love Of My Life.”

7. Theme from Cheers

“Where Everyone Knows Your Face” is the theme of the TV hit Cheers. This piece was written in 1982 by Judy Hart Angelo and Gary Portnoy. Soon after Cheers’s debut, Portnoy returned to the studio to make a longer piano version of this song that hit the US and British billboard charts.

8. Mary’s boy child

The album was created as Hairston shared a room with a brother. He was requested by his friend to compose a birthday party tune. Hairston wrote this easy song for piano at a tempo of calypso since the people in the party were mostly Western Indians. The original title of the song was “He Pone and Chocolate Tea,” a sort of maize bread. This form was never registered.

Walter Schumann requested Hairston to write a new Christmas song for his choral at the time he was leading Schumann’s Hollywood Choir. Hairston recalled his old song’s calypso groove and wrote new words to it.

Harry Belafonte heard the group perform the song and requested permission to publish it. It was released with Belafonte in 1956 for his record An Evening. The edited piano version was later released in November 1957 as one, hitting No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart. It is the first song to easy sell more than one million units alone in the UK. The edition by Belafonte has sold more than 1,19 million copies to date. In the year 1962. For Belafonte’s previously released album I Wish You a Merry Christmas, the full-length edition has been attached.

One of the most popular cover versions of the track is from the German dance band Boney M. “Mary’s Boy Child–Oh My God” was issued in 1978. This success brought the track to the top of the UK list. And is one of UK’s best-selling tunesof all time and as of November 2015 had sold 1,87 million exemplars.

9. Beauty and the Beast

“Beauty and the Beast” is a piano track by Howard Ashman for Disney animated movie Beauty and the Beast (1991) and the composer Alan Menken. The theme song, the Broadway-inspired ballad, was first documented as the voice of the protagonist Mrs. Potts by British-American actress Angela Lansbury. And depicts basically the connection between her two main characters Belle and the Beast. Namely, the pair’s acquisition of their differences and their transition. However, the lyrics of the song suggest that a sense of passion is as eternal and ageless as “a narrative as old as time”.

Lansbury’s interpretation is heard during the iconic series of balls between Belle and the Beast. While an authentic choral arrangement is performed in the final scenes of the film. The theme of the piano song also occurs in other parts of Menken’s movie score. Initially, Lansbury was unwilling to record “Beauty and the Beast,”. Because she felt it didn’t fit with her aged voice singing, but eventually she finished the album in one go.

10. The Entertainer

For the early-advanced pianist “The Entertainer” is an outstanding piano work. This offers the piano player excellent easy material that still continues to memorize and practice music concurrently. It very well divides into 2 & 4 metric ties for practice, and includes simple chord progressions to aid the memorisation of the work.

11. Queen – We Are The Champions

We are the champions a song written by the British group Queen. It’s in the list of favorite songs in many countries. This song made the group really successful and popular with young people. It’s regarded as the best selling single ever. Lead singer Freddie Mercury wrote the song.

How can I learn to play that version on piano?

Most songs can also be played on many instruments and the fundamentals of performing any instrument are very easy to learn. There are a number of videos and guides on the web, which can allow someone to learn a technique they need. Anyone who wants to learn or perform any of the instruments can benefit from our web tutorials. Most clips have piano lessons for beginners, and you can easily learn from them by watching these videos.

12. What’s Up – 4 Non Blondes

Wanna play some simple songs to learn on keyboard? Explore what’s the song up with us? Former American rock band’s piano sheet music 4 Non Blondes.

13. Skyfall – Adele

Until Adele launched her smash “Skyfall,” in a long time there wasn’t a good James Bond album. Adele seemed to be the ideal singer for the movie; Adele’s music, like the film Skyfall, mixes the old and new to suit the tastes of several generations.

14. Zombie – The Cranberries

“Zombie” is an album of resistance by the Irish collective The Cranberries. Published as memoirs to two young victims, Johnathan Ball and Tim Parry. It’s about the 1993 IRA bombing in Warrington. It was the leading single of its second studio album, No Need to Argue. This followed two weeks of the publication of No Need to Argue. It’s one more of the easiest songs to learn on keyboard.

15. Let it Go – Frozen

“Let It Go” is from the film Frozen. Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez created the music and lyrics. Both recorded in her singing capacity as Queen Elsa by American singer and actress Idina Menzel. Anderson-Lopez and Lopez have rendered a condensed pop (with simpler words and ambient piano chorus), played over the beginning of the final credits in the movie by the actress and singer Demi Lovato.

16. Take It Easy – Eagles

Jackson Browne released his first album with this single, but he didn’t really know how to conclude it. He stayed in a condo in the Los Angeles Echo Park. And Glenn Frey was his upstairs friend, who wanted easier piano music for his new band – the Eagles.

Exercise scales regularly

Every great pianist commonly exercises scales on a regular basis. Scales are also finger-exercises:

  • Fingers get used to repeating
  • You will learn how to control your hands
  • In reality, your fingers get a good exercise and can move more quickly
  • You may identify the sound of every other note
  • It helps spreading your fingers so that you can move quickly from one note to
  • Scales allow you to experiment with the correct fingering
  • And much more

These are simple pop songs to play on piano to get started. Place your left little finger on the note C and the right thumb on the note C, which is a step higher than that. Use your next finger on both hands after hitting the C notes together to strike the notes to the right side. And continue until your left thumb hits the G note. Then hit the lower G note on your right pinky, then go reverse.

After a while things will become easier. Remember to keep at least one hour per day practicing your piano scales. And it does not have to stop there. Start adding your own style, chords and notes to your songs. You’ll never know how things are going to sound before you try it.

Push for the Piano

I encourage you to push yourself once you have learned a few simple piano songs! Seek to write your first piano song and transcribe your favorite songs. Play alone, joining a singer or supporting a band Discover a new form, style or composer.

It doesn’t mean that you’ve got to end here just because you complete your piano book. There are endless possibilities in music! Have fun with those piano lessons. There will always be more and new piano songs to review and to learn easy.