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Piano Maintenance And Tuning Tips

Piano Maintenance And Tuning Tips Piano’s are expensive items, so it is important that you know how to take care of it. Pianos add glamour to any home. The sound that it gives provides pleasure for any person listening to its tune. A piano that goes out of tune usually indicates that it is not

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Buying A Digital Piano

Digital pianos are popular because of their ability to produce numerous different types of sounds. Electronic pianos can have a setting which represent a concert grand piano, an upright piano, a tack piano. And can include the ability to synthesize the sounds so that they resemble a string ensemble. And therefore you can combine these

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How To Choose The Right Piano For You

The first piano to come into your home is a big deal. Whether one or all of your children are playing or just the parents, a family piano will be looking at a lot of use over the years, so it`s important to choose the right one. To help you with this monumental decision, we've

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Acoustic Piano or Digital Piano

  The invention of piano has already come a long way since around 500 years in the past. A great number of various piano styles have emerged out of imitating and enhancing the original piano version many times. Digital pianos are made with the latest technology and it is one of the most famous alternatives

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Acoustic VS Digital Pianos

Both traditional acoustic and digital pianos have their advantages. Acoustic pianos are great for performers, serious students, and appreciators of classical music. Digital pianos appeal to those interested in affordability, functionality, and portability. How Do Acoustic Pianos Work? Pressing the piano key causes a rebounding hammer to strike metal strings. The strings resonate, these resulting

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Buying A Piano

Why should I buy a pre-owned piano? There is incredible value in many pre-owned pianos. During the late 19th and 20th centuries, American built pianos were crafted using the finest woods, no longer available today and by craftsmen who immigrated from Europe who knew how to build only the finest instruments. A rebuilt vintage piano

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Piano Online Learning Weekly Update

I have decided to create a weekly update as a way to keep some structure in my posting frequency. If I feel like doing so, I will post more throughout the week of course. I still need to experiment with what day works best especially when considering time-zones, but I'll figure it out sooner or

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Best Digital Piano 2017

When you’re trying to choose the best digital piano, with all the different choices available. It really just comes down to a matter of personal preference and what’s most important to you. Digital piano technology has progressed remarkably over the last several years. In order to offer a wide selection in many designs to accommodate

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Buying A Digital Piano

Digital Pianos are electronic pianos which produce sound using state-of-the-art digital technology. Similar to producing Compact Discs. A Digital Piano plays and sounds like an acoustic (wooden) piano. It has the same responsive, weighted, regulation-size keys that the "touch" of an acoustic piano has. For this reason, a digital piano can be used for piano

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