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Does My Kid Have Talent

Musically talented children can play instruments, sing, dance, compose own songs. But nothing happens by itself. They need their parent's, teacher's support. Just someone to sign them up to music activities, buy them instruments, take them to lessons, help them organizing time to practice. It is always easier when there is a musician in the family

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Sergei Rachmaninoff Composer and Pianist

A look into the life and music of Rachmaninoff, the composer and pianist. In the streamlined music world of the twentieth century, Sergei Rachmaninoff represents a phenomenon unlikely to be repeated. He was born in 1873, and although his stylistic roots were firmly anchored in the milieu of the Romantic era, he lived and continued

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Shopping Guide For Piano Keyboards

The electronic music keyboard has become the most widely used and critical piece of musical equipment all over the world. There are various types keyboards available for purchase with distinct functionality and functions. All of these music keyboards exist under their own categories. For instance MIDI controllers, digital pianos, arrangers, portables, synthesizers, work stations and

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Casio Digital Piano Reviews

I’ve put together some Casio digital piano reviews on this site, doing the legwork and research.  You can read them by clicking the links on the right sidebar or in the chart below.  I’ll give you info on each model so you’ll know which one is best suited for you. With all the different types

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All About Electronic Pianos

The electronic and digital music keyboard has become the most widely used as well as critical piece of musical equipment across the world. There are numerous types keyboards available for purchase with an assortment of functionality and benefits. Every single one of these music keyboards exist under their own classes, for example, MIDI controllers, digital

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Korg SP250 vs Yamaha P95 88-key Portable Digital Piano

Today we have Korg sp250 and the Yamaha P95 88-key digital piano to be reviewed. Korg is one of reputable music instrument maker that has been produced a lot of high-end and sophisticated music instruments, including digital piano. The tight competitions among similar piano makers make this company work hard to produce higher-end digital piano.

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Digital Piano Keyboard Reviews

Before you buy a keyboard piano, you need to first narrow down exactly the type of piano you want.  If you’re just starting out, you may want something more entry-level.  If you’ve progressed a bit and are ready to upgrade, something more mid-tier may be in your wheelhouse. Or if you’re an accomplished musician and

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Piano Maintenance And Tuning Tips

Piano Maintenance And Tuning Tips Piano’s are expensive items, so it is important that you know how to take care of it. Pianos add glamour to any home. The sound that it gives provides pleasure for any person listening to its tune. A piano that goes out of tune usually indicates that it is not

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Buying A Digital Piano

Digital pianos are popular because of their ability to produce numerous different types of sounds. Electronic pianos can have a setting which represent a concert grand piano, an upright piano, a tack piano. And can include the ability to synthesize the sounds so that they resemble a string ensemble. And therefore you can combine these

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How To Choose The Right Piano For You

The first piano to come into your home is a big deal. Whether one or all of your children are playing or just the parents, a family piano will be looking at a lot of use over the years, so it`s important to choose the right one. To help you with this monumental decision, we've

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