Digital Pianos are electronic pianos which produce sound using state-of-the-art digital technology similar to that which is used to make Compact Discs. A Digital Piano plays and sounds like an acoustic (wooden) piano. It has the same responsive, weighted, regulation-size keys that the “touch” of an acoustic piano has. For this reason, a digital piano can be used for piano lessons. A “portable keyboard” cannot be used for piano lessons because it does not have weighted keys, a sustain pedal, 88 keys and usually has sub-standard sized keys. You can use headphones with a Digital Piano to play and practice in complete privacy, an important feature if you live in an apartment, share the room with other activities such as TV viewing, or if you just like to play your piano at 3 o’clock in the morning! A Disk Drive, either built-in or added-on, will allow the player to store performances on disks, even compile a music library.

Online Piano LessonsYou may also choose from thousands of prerecorded performances by your favorite artists specially arranged for the new generation of “player pianos”. You can listen to these recordings or play along with them! Many Digital Pianos allow for future expansion or updates. These pianos can be used for multimedia applications with your personal computer. For greatest compatibility with all software, the Digital Piano must be General MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). While all Digital Pianos have MIDI, not all Digital Pianos have the more versatile General MIDI capacity. For a completely interactive musical experience, you may choose a Digital Piano with an instrument Display Screen from which you can read the melody, chords and song lyrics for some of your favorite tunes.

These multimedia images can be broadcast to any monitor or television for group sing-alongs. By plugging a microphone into an audio input jack on the instrument, you can amplify your voice and add studio-quality digital effects. With this type of Digital Piano, anyone can sing-along with professional sounding results! Digital Pianos also never need tuning, and are relatively easy to move and transport. If you want to play the piano and you’ve always wanted to play with an orchestra, if you live in an apartment or if you move frequently, if you are a computer buff, if you want to record yourself or have a karaoke party, perhaps a Digital Piano is the right choice for you and your family.

Top A Digital Piano offers the fun and dynamic combination of technology and a whole world of musical possibilities. In addition to reproducing a true piano sound, a Digital Piano can offer a wide array of other instrumental sounds. A variety of orchestral, percussion and contemporary musical instrumental sounds such as violin, trumpet, electric and string guitar, cello, French horn and hundreds of sounds can be onboard a Digital Piano. For a professional touch the effects you have heard on contemporary recordings may be onboard a Digital Piano with a variety of reverbs, chorus, tremolo and so forth available on different models. Digital Pianos are available with a variety of features to fit your musical needs as well as your budget.

Advanced computer sampling can provide a clear and realistic piano sound, authentic instrumental sounds, accompaniments, rhythms, and such valuable tools such as the ability to transpose into a new key at the touch of a finger. Many Digital Pianos also have built-in Sequencers to record your compositions and playback your most memorable performances. Perhaps you have always wanted to play piano with a band, or even a full orchestra! With a Digital Piano you can play the melody of the song while the automatic orchestral backgrounds accompany you professionally. You can also be accompanied by an automatic Rhythm Section in any musical style from rock to swing. You can even play drum solos!